All by himself…

M.t., M.l.,D.p.

Nadaljevanje sage o Mr. Jonesu…

Pri tem pa nej še dodam citat Baudelaira o tem kdo je pravzaprav Dandy:

The man of wealth and leisure, who, even through weary of it, has no other occupation than the pursuit of pleasure; the man brought up on luxury and accustomed since his youth to the obedience of other men; the man, in short, who has no other profession but that of elegance, will always have distinctive apperance, one that sets him utterly apart.

Moja interpretacija contemporary dandija je slonela predvsem na negiranju njegove osnovne podobe…

~ by matjazz on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “All by himself…”

  1. Posebne fotke! Všeč mi je osvetlitev! Lp

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