Underwater photoshoot

I must say that this year’s ˝investment˝ into the underwater case for my photo camera was a great decision. One of the proves that the investment was good is that the case is not lying in the part of my room where my old MUST HAVE telescope lies accompanied by MUST HAVE rock climbing shoes, must have tennis racket and the other must have but rarely used things…

Not only that I am still using it quite often, it also benefited big time to my fashion photography business. The reason I bought it in the first place was to shoot for college competition for CPL aromas. Photos produced in first 2 photo shoots brought me the first prize on that competition and they also got me into the best 6 photographers in Google photography award. Like you probably know already were those photos exhibited in Saatchy gallery in London which is absolutely a great success. Well more recently I saw that those photos were used in Sample magazine published by the UNI and they also got me another two commissions for fashion editorials.

And actually this long introduction is only because I want to write about my most recent underwater editorial that I shoot for the biggest Slovenian fashion magazine – Modna. The best part this time was that I was working with a wonderful team of 2 stylists, 2 models, makeup artist and 4 assistants and that my only task this time was to shoot the photos. I did not have to be bothered by booking the models, getting stylist, MUA, location… Well I was still closely involved in organisation and I was helping to get the best location, models, props, assistants… But since that was my 4th underwater shoot and the biggest one I had to do something new and interesting… What would that be? What could make my shooting hard as hell? Weeeell, first of all to shoot this time in the pool that is more than 2meters deep and not only 150cm like in previous times, that I want to shoot with several lights and not only two of them, and that I will put inside the pool not one, not 2, but 20 huge balloons! Putting the huge balloons under the water cause us 1000 and one problem. First how and where to get so many balloons (thx to mr. Balonomanija for huge help with that!!!), than how to fill them up with 500 litres of water in a decent time, how many air has to be inside that balloons are going to float in the water and how many weights we have to put on that they won’t run away when they are in the pool. Despite the fact that I had 4 assistants helping me it still took us hours to arnge everything to be perfect! We arrived on location at 16.00 and I came home at 3.00. I guess the funniest part of the shoot were all the different techniques how of my lovely assistants how to sink me to the bottom of the pool and pulling me out for each shot. Coz when you hold your breath you cannot sink really got to take a shoot and also floating all the time above the water especially with the camera and synch cable to trigger the fleshes attached to it was not the easiest thing to do… Don’t ask how we did it but next time I am getting a scuba gear for sure!

And again… Special thx to fantastic assistants Ciril, Uroš, Klemen and Kaja! I could not do it without even one of them missing! And of course without the big boss Alenka, stylist Barbara, MUA Luka and great models Jana and that I am sure are not going to another pool for about 4-6 years after this experience… Oh and a specialy thx also to mr. Jaka Vinsek for hit technical support, to Milos and his diver friends, Perci, Andrej…

Well the magazine with my cover and 10 page editorial is the shops since yesterday so go get it! 😉 Just in case you cannot get the magazine in jour local store you can see the photos below… 😉

This time we were shooting on – 2 meters… For upcoming shoot for Modna we are going to even bigger extremes! 😉 We are going to shoot -500 meters under the surface, but that is another story for the next time…

Oh… If you missed yesterdays exhibition with my (Yugoplastik) photo exhibited on East London Photo Month, you still have chance to see it… It was a fun fun fun night out on Brick Lane… 3 photographers, 1 architect, 1 dr., 1 mua, 1 clothes designer, 1 graphic designer, 1 human rights guy and one entertainment law guy!

bazen 1 01-7

NASLmodna10 03-10

bazen 2 02-6

bazen 3 01-5

bazen 4 01-4

bazen 9 10 01-1

bazen 7472 01-2




Photographer: Matjaz Tancic

Stylists: Barbara Zgalin, Alenka Birk

Makeup and hair: Luka Leskosek

Models: Nikolina R. (Talia models) and Jana K. (Bronz)

Assistents: CIril Jazbec, Uros Zuraj, Klemen Ilovar, Kaja Pogacar


And here are some backstage photos by Ciril Jazbec


Filling up the baloons



Patent for fireing the flashes under the watter by Jackec…



Dont feed the models…But do feed the photographer!










~ by matjazz on October 18, 2009.

19 Responses to “Underwater photoshoot”

  1. “4rd”? 😀

    I saw your photos in Modna and knew immediately it was you. Really good work and – IMHO – makes quite a big change in the magazine!!

    And thanks for the extra backstage photos… 🙂

  2. WAAAA NORO!!! Dej če boš naslednjič kj v Slo delu me rufn, da pridm kej držat, al pa sam firbcat 😀

  3. Vrhunsko Matjaž!!!

  4. tole je pa res vrhunsko! vsa čast celi ekipi… fotke so hudičevo dobre, prav tako Cirilove making-of. Tisto proženje flešev pod vodo pa mi ni čisto jasno oz. kako zatesniti sync. kabel; kaj pa brezžično? kako daleč sploh potuje radijski signal pod vodo? :/

  5. hudoooo:)

  6. Silvestre… 4rd… Don’t know what are u talking about! ;P

    MR… U don’t know what u are asking for! 🙂 Working all day on only half pizza and 590.000l of water! 🙂 But sure extra pair of hands come…well handy…

    Ciro…Well.. U helped..

    Matjaz… We connected Hot Shoe Flash Trigger Wireless Sync Adapter (google it – 5 eur on ebay) with a sync cable connected to flash and tape it on my underwater case. In the case was my camera with pop out flesh that fired directly in that cube and cube, than fired the flash and one flash fired the rest of the flashes… Not that complicated at all you just have to be careful that you don pull that one flash into the pool… :D.

  7. Matjazz: have you tried using Skyport? (Pocket Wizard won’t fit into bag)… and using a camera without built-in flash might be a problem while using a photo cell under water 🙂

  8. Great pictures! 😛

    Where can we get the HQ resolutions? 🙂

  9. Matjaz.. I used Skyports for my first 3 shoots… The problem is that u can triger them only when u are like 4cm underwater and than they dont triger anymore… No popout flash…hmm.. tril a hole in the case, put the cable inside and put some silicone around… 🙂 Or just buy Nikon! 😀

  10. odlično! Ka pa naj rečem? :))

  11. o boy fant fantastično 🙂

  12. Thx guys!

  13. Noro =) Odlične fotografije!

  14. Noro specialne, si perfekten,pohvale tudi vsem sodelujočim!

  15. Excellent work, well done!

  16. Mr. Lampret mr. Lovas…Vielen dank!

    Jp Beti…Brez ekipe ne bi nastalo nic kaj temu podobnega… They – We rocks! 🙂

  17. …malo z zamudo… otipal strani revije v živo – popolno! Respect.

  18. THXXX my friend! I did my best, but still far from perfect! 🙂 But working on it! (Uff..and I forgot to swith to AF on the shoot…jooookiiiing)… 😀

  19. mmmm, moj tivoli ❤
    fotke so wow, skoda da ne morem do modne…
    …ker sem bak to London 😉
    Kako da te ni blo na Hypnotic brass?
    Trenutno zivim v dalstonu, delam v cityju
    javi se kej

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