Polaroid, Damien Hirst and Pablo Francisco

Last year lots of my blog posts started with I love but I hate London… And it looks like this year is going to be just the same. I adore all this possibilities, various things to see, to doo, to engage with but in the other hand it makes me desperate because there is no time to do everything. Should be researching for my mayor project and dissertation? Going around discovering the city? Visiting all this exhibitions? Looking for work? Shooting for magazines? Do some sports? Hang out and party with people? Reading fantastic books from the college library? Watch some movies? Fly to Barcelona to visit my girlfriend? Fly to Slovenia on a photo shoot? I wish that day would have 30 hours and a week 10 days so I could do at least 2 from the list in one day!

Well day before yesterday I actually manage to do even 5 things! Jeeej… Went to college, I meet a friend photographer, went to see 2 great exhibitions, I did some research for my major project (mp) and I have even saw a movie before going to sleep.

The first exhibition that I saw was called Polaroid and you can still see it in Atlas gallery till 28th of November. I never liked Polaroid’s to much. I guess I saw a Polaroid camera for the first time in a circus when I was about 5 years old and a sad sad clown with the smell of alcohol coming out of his big red mouth pushed a baby chimpanzee in my lap and took a photo of me. My parents bought that Polaroid even through (or because of that?) baby chimp smacked my face before leaving… The next association linked with Polaroid’s is that it became really fashionable in last few years so it was used in all possible designs, CGP-s, shirts and I saw mostly untalented people using it to express their ˝artistic˝ side and that is why I didn’t like them to much… Until yesterday…

I must say that Polaroid’s have some special power – aura. Like the artist Marc Quinn once said… They are like a sculpture of a photograph. When you press the button, the Polaroid comes out of the camera, and image is transformed into an object… There is only one of a kind, unique piece, one size, which is so small that you have to come really close when you are walking around the gallery and you have to take some time to think, deconstruct the image…

In the gallery you can see and also buy Polaroid’s taken by David Bailey, Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Nobuyoshi Araki, Walker Evans, Robert Mapplethrope, Elliott Erwitt, Rankin… The prices for this small photographs varies from 950 £ to 13.400 £. Everlasting dilemma…to buy a new car or a unique masterpiece to hang at home on top of the fireplace (let’s be realistic…a dusty radiator).

The other exhibition that I saw was the exhibition of notorious Damien Hirst at The Wallace Collection. Waaaw, what a setting! Exhibition is held in a mansion in middle of London where you can see the as the brochure says the finest collection of art ever assembled by one family. Crazy… Numerous rooms all filled up with huge paintings, golden chests, clocks, chandeliers, carpets… Even more impressive as some much bigger castles and collections that I have seen in Bavarian and Austrian castles… And in one of the mansions rooms you can see Damien’s – No Love Lost. (25 new paintings). I am not an art expert so it is hard to tell at this point something really relevant but I liked the works and I would not mind if the Skull with Ashtray, Lemon and Cigarettes would hang next to Newton’s Polaroid above the radiator in my room.

What else…? Yesterday we went to see famous comedian Pablo Francisco. I saw lots of his clips on youtube that I really liked, the venue was only 10 minutes walking from my place, so why the hell not… The venue was crazy Ard Deco building and it was perfect for such event. But this time it was for the first time that the ˝warming up˝ comedians were actually much better than the star comedian! Those guys had some really cool jokes but Pablo… It looked like he was on cocaine and he was only doing stupid funny noises, the movie announcer guy voice (see the clip and you will know what I mean), Schwarzenegger, same trick with his hat falling of his hat all the time and that was it… In about 40 minutes of his show he made me laugh 2,5 times which is a really bad outcome since we pay 25£ to see a star comedian that borrow his voice to some characters in The Simpsons and The Family Guy… The ’strange taste’ in our mouths was soon washed away in Georges Tavern with a pint of Guinness and live Brazilian music.








Just one of the rooms in Wallace collection…




Mr. Pablo…


Saviour of the night…

~ by matjazz on October 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Polaroid, Damien Hirst and Pablo Francisco”

  1. hirsta so po veliko britansko raztrgali 🙂 šokantno slab pa take. the guardian… ‘these paintings are a memento mori for a reputation’. bbc povzetek http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8306638.stm
    v stendapu so men najbolj smešni začetniki v kakšnem pubu za funt ali dva, če te ne poznajo, neprecenljivo.
    polaroid so se neki avstrijci, nemci spravl spet delat… če se bo prijel bo ratu tak butični hec.

  2. Hmm.. raztrgali.. Res nisem vedel.. Bom prebral članek. THX! Sej veš kako je… Damien bo srečen in se bo požvižgal na vse kritike dokler bo lepo prodajal zadeve za tak denar kot ga sedaj… In nič kaj ne kaže, da bi kaj pojenjalo… Sej veš, da bi se dal tudi o Koonsu marsikej razglabljad, Warholu…

    Jp sem slišal da je Polaroid rešen… In tukaj je to že nekaj časa popularna butična zadeva.. Sej zato sem napisal, da mi gre na kurac…Tko kot vsi plejerji k se s holgami vseh barv in oblik podijo okol… Oba fotiča sta mega vadla, sam…

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