Arsenal:Liverpool & Wonderbra party

The most interesting things that happened for me this week were The Wonderbra house party at my ex flatmate Majas new place, the annual Peace demonstrations, my fist football mach in UK – Arsenal vs. Liverpool, attending couple of exhibitions again and stretching my brains to come up with a faaaantastic idea for my final major project and dissertation (which didn’t happened jet… )

Maja lives with two CCs (Creative Croatians) a bit off the Brick Lane so about 10 minutes away from our house. Fine company especially when the theme party is happening. Since the theme was Wonderbra and I haven’t drank enough beer in my life to grow my own boobs, Maja promised me to lend me her bra to use it. I didn’t put too much effort to fill my bra so I only put two oranges in to have my B coup full. Some other people on the party were much more innovative so you could see there a milking bra, bling bling DIY bra, knitted nipples, duct taped nipples, burlesque type bra, painted on DD boobs etc… There was even a reward for the best bra/boobs. I think there is no need to explain that it was much fun. I came home wearing big bra with red dots on that serves as a decor/gloves holder of our hallway now. And considering the photos… No it was not such a mayhem there just camera around my neck was quite busy shooting everything that looked a bit odd. 🙂

Football… I went there with Benjamin that put a lot of effort to get these desirable tickets before they were sold out. I came straight from the college to Arsenal and Ben quickly slipped in something more comfortable for this match – a red shirt, so we looked at least a bit like Arsenal fans (they have red-white track suits). And then we followed the red river of people to this holy place of UKs No1 sport. We had good sits just above the goal. Well just above is a bit too ambitious to say since we were in row 117? But nevertheless it was a fine view and we enjoyed big time. We even tried to learn some fans song but we could not understand a word they were saying/singing –except Arsenaaaal, England… And hmm… If you hate Tottenham, stand up! We didn’t see any of the ˝famous˝ hooligans I guess because we were sitting in between hot dog eating families and couples. No alcohol drinks were allowed on the stands so the biggest fans?!?! went 5 minutes before the halftime to the bars so they did not cue too long to get the most expensive beer… (3.40  for 2 decilitres). There were 60.004 spectators so about 996 did not show up to fill up the remaining seats.

The finale score was 2:1 for Arsenal… Liverpool – wankers ( I learned that as well)! 😉

Well that’s all folks.

New posts are coming soon… Should be interesting since Halloween is coming, my birthday, concert of DJ Shantell and first of all the post about peace demonstrations…

Aja, da ne pozabim.. Na moji polici se praši en sexy rdeče vijolčen Olympus FE-4000. Povsem nov digitalček z 12mio pixli, 26mm širokim kotom, 4x digitalnim zumom…ravnopravšnji za v žep in super božično/novoletno darilo! 😉 V torgovini se prodaja po 150eur, pri meni pa dobite lep 30% popust!






He is shooting aaaaaaand…




what? Where is the ball…?!





The host in Burkini… (burkha+bikini)



Knitted nipples



Milking boobs WON the thophy!


If u dont have outstanding boobs u have to be at least funny…


Hairy boobs…


Framed boobs…


Disco boobs


blured boobs


boobs are getting wild


I hate when people play with my boobs!!!



No boobs here… I just liked the view out of the window…

~ by matjazz on October 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Arsenal:Liverpool & Wonderbra party”

  1. a te pustijo na tekmo s fotičem?

  2. I will reply in ENG if u don’t mind..? ;)… Well I was also sceptical either to take a camera with me or not, which one, how big lens… I didn’t want to show up on the door and they would told me that I can not come in because I have professional camera (long lens)… So I took only wide angle and my 85mm. The lady on the door told me that I should not put the long lens on…in the fist half time in the second nobody will give a fu**… Well.. so I was shooting the match but on one point the stadium stevart?! haha… shoved me that I should not take the photos… But, like that ever stopped me… 🙂

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