Peace demonstrations in London & some more exhibitions

This year was the 3rd time that I went to see the peace demonstrations. The peace procession walks from Hyde Park to Trafalgar square where you can hear speeches, some Bob Dylan style musicians playing on their guitar etc. It was inspiring as always. To see people of all ages, races, beliefs marching together for world peace… I know I sound pathetic but you can really feel the energy and devotion of that people. I think it was the first year that came around 300.000 people? I have to check the number in my old blog post again… But this year came only about 3000 demonstrators…? What happened? Are the people so worried about the recession that they forgot about the war in Afghanistan where are still lots of the British troops…? But what cheered me up the most was that I saw and took the photo of the same grandpa with the anti war poster that I saw and took photo of also last year and the year before! 😀 So this time was the 3rd time that I accidently came across in the crowd of thousands! I had a quick chat with him since I was so happy to see him again… He told me that he demonstrates every weekend in his hometown! (I couldn’t figure out which tow this was, since the grandpa has new false teeth, so those SSSSs were too much to handle in that noise, but I will tell you the next year when I meet him again…) And exhibitions again… I checked my favourite Hamiltons gallery where I was again the exhibition of Roger Ballen, I visited Whitechapel Gallery, another 2 boring exhibitions that are part of the East London Photography month BUT the best exhibition that I saw was not even photographic. It was an exhibition of young contemporary artist (1983) Ben Ashton in the old funeral bureau? on the Brick Lane. He challenges us to look at what we are seeing and to question it by giving us a different perspective on a familiar world. Me and my flatmate Andraz even met him at exhibition so we had really nice chat about his work. He told us that he was inspired by Victorian newly discovered toys as kaleidoscope, stereoscope, re discovered camera obscura… But what inspired me the most is that he build all those thing, and believe me there was lots of the weird huge boxes there and he build all that thing by himself + not to mention of course all the paintings and ok there were also some photographs that he create. Shit.. I could write for a while about all his works, but… Just google him up… 🙂 BUT…ok.. one of the things that I liked the most… There was one big box of octagonal shape with two holes to look through on each plane. And when u looked through you could see 3d – stereoscopic image of a tied guy (all the photos, paintings are self portraitures of the artist). And since there were 8 planes and 16 holes to look though…well you could see this 3d image from all the side… Well, now I guess it sounds boring, but… you should see it by yourself… Soon is coming the blogpots about my B day parties… Halloween and Dj Shantell…

aaaaa..this wordpress is fu**** me lately… I can not upload all the photos… So there are some more photos coming if I can sort this out…








The legend!







The exhibition




flatmate in cameraobscura


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