Halloween/ Bday party

Well this Halloween started like that… Should we go out tonight? I thing we should, it is my Birthday tomorrow…lets celebrate… But we don’t have anything to ware…Hmm… lets check the local Charity shop… Bingo… 2 shirts, 2 jackets ready to be demolished… Quick run to overcrowded costume shop on Old street to get some fake blood, some face paint and we were almost ready… We got almost ready at home and we looked quite scary already but at Marja’s place in Mile End where we had a meeting point we added also some wax wounds, face powder and Bday hat and voila… Finito… The party continues in Shoreditch where I finally manage to see amigo Silky dj-jing… Fun night…

I just came from Barcelona, tomorrow I am flying to Slovenia so I am a bit busy to write some more… But… Coming soon…










Bday present







~ by matjazz on November 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Halloween/ Bday party”

  1. Happy birthday&nice last-minute costumes! 😀

  2. Vse najboljše!

  3. Samo lahko rečem, da je hudooooo!

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