Weekend in Barcelona

Last weekend I spent in Barcelona. I guess when travelling around the word people think, that everything that is close to you is not good enough… Well may be that this is also a reason that I haven’t been in Barcelona before, but I manage to travel around Russia, Asia, Central America…To bad… It is a great city! I just love the contrast to the London… It was warm, easy going, sea side, good food, people playing guitar on the street while drinking beer, everywhere smells like in Kingston… :D… But there aretwo things that I liked the most there… Ther are pigeons in the city ofcourse, BUT they have also a vast population of parrots, flying around the city! Nice, small, green parrots! You simply can not hate the city with occasionally green sky full of parrots!? And the other thing is Bicyng. Bicycles that are part of the public transport only for locals. They have stands with about 20-30 bikes every 300 meters all around the town where you can take a bike, drive around for 2 hours before you have to put it back on any stand anywhere around the town, where if you need bike for longer you just wait for 10 minutes and you can take it again… + The city is quite small, with nice wide streets so the cycling is really great and not a battle for the life like in London… The other two highlights (beside being with my love of course) were also… A local restaurant that looks like a fish market. When you come in you see the counter with ice and all kind of fish, shells, octopus, lobsters, shrimps, squid & co on it… And than you just show what do you want, how much of it and how do you want to be made… And than you pick the food up when you are called. Mmmm..Fantastic and CHEAP!     All the time I was bugging Maja…when are we going to meet Manu Chao, where does he lives…?! :)… Well we haven’t meet him this time… But on the last day in Barcelona I was walking around the city and I heard some great music… I followed the sound and there it was… A great 8 member band with trumpets, double bass, drums… Dancing, jumping and playing great ska, funky, etno music.. Just what I needed! I even bought their cd for the support and that was also the only souvenir from Barca… The band is called Microguagua, so if you have a chance to see them anywhere… go for it! Of course we can not write about Barca without mentioning the Gaudi… Great stuff, love him! Hmm, and I almost missed the plane on the way back because there was no bus to airport that suppose to be…?! So we needed to take a bus to a town near bye and than take a cab… Whatever…

This time a bit more photos… The photos on the end… I was standing on the top of the escalator and I was wondering how many people are going to look up to the camera… I was not that visible, but people do not run downstairs like in London, so they are a bit more curious/ aware about the soundings… I think it could be a nice series If I would stay there for a day or two…5…365…

Sagrada Familia


Gaudi Park

THE restaurant

~ by matjazz on November 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Weekend in Barcelona”

  1. What about Dali and Figueres?

  2. Weeeeeeeeeell..U have so saw something for the next visit…I was ridding a bicycle and not a motorbike after all! 😉

  3. Barca zakon. Če maja zrihta karte za naslednji derbi z Realom, pa pridemo še mi. 😀

  4. Ti, to pomojem mal teži..ti pa lahko 100% zrihta karto za podzemno! 😉

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