Room rent London, Street fashion, Showstudio, Martin Parr …

These days I have visited couple great exhibitions and I started to prepare one myself. It is going to be something new, fresh, futuristic…  More about that sometimes soon… 😉

I am going to be brief about the exhibitions that I saw, but I hope that is going to be enough to make you go there yourself!

1. Showstudio exhibition – Amazing place in Somerset House, playground of Nick Knight and a peek into the future of fashion… Interaction, video, Internet, personalisation would be the keywords of the future… I couldn’t agree more. I was hoping to catch the live shooting – Nick Knight shooting Natalia Vodianova (my favourite model!) for Vogue!!! But I was to fucking late, so I missed it!  In the Showstudio they have a one sided mirror? dividing the huge studio… Sou you can see the whole happening there (also you can see everything live online!) and they do not see you… Great!

2. Martin Parrs retrospective of photobooks in Tea House… So many people hate his work, but… He is great photojournalist no matter what.. Fantastic humour, great moments… He has published 60 books already and on the exhibition you can see most of them, and also buy lots of them. There are also some nice huge prints of his photographs…

3. Beatles to Bowie (The 60s exposed) … Nice photographs of musicians from the 60s… Hendrix, Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones… It is nice to go on an exhibition where 90% of visitors are singing or humming the oldies Goldie’s hits that you can hear in the background… Crazy times have to say.. David Bailey rocks!

4. Photographic portrait prize … Is one of the exhibitions that is held annually in National Portrait Gallery and is one of the must see exhibitions for me every year… I have to say that for already 4 years I see there very similar motifs … Some rape victims (from Africa), some people with cancer, some chawy girls, some invalids, morbid topless girls…. Nothing really new on such a vast field of portrait photography…. But… still..a must see…

I have almost forgot! Its time for holidays soon! So that means that there is going to be some rooms available in our lovely apartment in East London, a place for art lovers, good food lovers and party lovers… Room is going to be available from 12.12. till 10.1. Is it spacious room with double bed, couch, balcony and there is a kitchen where you can cook, 2 tube stations 5 minutes away and (night) bus 3 minutes away! Let me know if you are interested… I have already some regular happy guests! 🙂

It has been awhile since my last street fashion post so here you can see some groovie people from Portobello market. I wisted one crazy exhibition of street art, sculptures, graffiti etc… A bit more male fashion this time…

~ by matjazz on November 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Room rent London, Street fashion, Showstudio, Martin Parr …”

  1. the guy in front of the blue door is actually perfection.

  2. Jp..true that… James Dean…

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