Street fashion…again…and a commercial brake…

I didn’t shoot and did much these days in general… Actually I wasn’t feeling to good so bed was my best friend for couple of days…But now I am up and running again. I shot a fresh set of street fashion today and next week I am finally shooting some crazy makeup work of amazing MUA and a friend Kristina Vidic. I finally started reading  books for my dissertation so room is full of interesting books. Most of the books are about nudity, pornography, erotics so interesting reading indeed. I have to say that the most popular posts on my blog of all time (according to statistics)  are actually essays that I posted last year… Abouth Fetishism in photography of Helmut Newton and about Male voyeuristic gaze in film still fashion photography. Even when I was doing a research for the dissertation these 2 essays are often 1st hit on Google…

Dont click here yet…

The effort that I started writing this blog in English instead in Slovene is starting to pay of. First of all it is getting more readers, my photos were featured on one of my favourite blogs –  Top 10….Every Day and I even got an offer for an advertisment… Well if Johnny Rotten can do a commercial for a semi skimmed milk… well than I can have a commercial for some cooler stuff on my blog as well…:D So what is this thing…? It is one of those things that If you would ask me what reminds me on the high street fashion,  it would come to my mind first..or second… but the third for sure! 🙂 If I like it is another thing but, anyway…you can even win it on this link – CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE!

Oooh… another commercial… My room is now completely booked already but since my flatmates are going home for holidays as well there is still chance for a cheep, nice room rent in London… SO just write me an email if you are interested! And don’t write me in the end of January…are you renting room now as well…? NOOO… But you can get it now! 😉

Oh and I even had a small interview for really nice blog – Pepermint. But is it in Slovene I am afraid…

This week I also attended a huge uniform sale in Angel warehouse, but I am going to write about this later this week…

~ by matjazz on December 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Street fashion…again…and a commercial brake…”

  1. i like, i like 🙂

  2. Wow, my friend! Well done! London is the best place to take some street style pics! That’s amazing! I’m your fan and still follow you here! Take care dear!

  3. Thx Mellissa! Jp, London is THE place to shoot this!… U have to Love it…

  4. Vau! Gut fotke. Druga in tretja slika – Burberry?

  5. Lepo. Kje bi se dalo kupit tist jaket in polover na drugi sliki…človek z očalmi

  6. Joj vidm, da bom mogu začet folk spraševat, kje nakupujejo… Žal ne vem… 🙂

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