Uniform sale frenzy, Weegee, WordPress Photo, 28 stories…

I am always postponing writing my blog thinking…well I have nothing to write about..this is not interesting enough….why should I write about that… And than now more than 10 days passed and there were so many smalls events that I don’t have time to write about them all…. Hmm…

Well one of the most interesting things that happened was a huge sale of uniforms by Angel costume shop. They were selling 240.000 pieces of uniforms, helmets, army equipment, hats, shields… Most of this objects, uniforms were used in different movies including Saving private Ryan… Since the Torture Garden party I felt in love with uniforms so I had to get some… The concept of pricing was simple… Jacket and helmets were 20£, hats and trousers were 10£ and than you had to dig into the countless uniforms on hangers and try to find the one that fits you the best… Navy, army, police, postman, bouncer, pilot …you name it they got it! Finding the jacket was not that difficult, bigger problem was to get the pants in the right size since there were no place that you could try them on… But nooo..That wont stop Matjaz… I did not come to Zone 4 still a bit ill to buy pants that wont fit me. And than the trying pants comedy begins… You are standing in the corner of the hall waiting that the homeless guy with police helmet on goes away and than you pull your pants down and manically trying to put that tight ridding trousers on… Well putting them on was not even such a big problem.. But putting them off is another story… You see that some people are approaching to your corner, and you are standing there in the underwear  fighting with the tightest pair of trousers that just does not want to come off… It was hilarious and even more hilarious is that I decided to buy those trousers! 😀 Well.. I also got one complete uniform, another jacket and a American ww2 paratroopers helmet from Tom Hanks… I have no clue when I am going to wear all this.. But you just can not resist the temptations…

I went to see amazing WordPress photo exhibition that is still on in South bank Centre. I have finally seen Peps photos that I didn’t manage to see this summer on the best photographic workshop – Fotopub. I just loved the photos of homeless people from Brazil, gypsys in their fancy houses that reminded me on Niš (Serbia) where I had a chance to shoot one house like that myself…  Uff… If I start talking about this show I could describe every series.. I just love them… You have to check out this exhibition! I noticed that East European and Chinese photographers are getting stronger and stronger…

Another nice show that I saw was Weegees exhibition in Michael Hoppen Gallery. The selection is not the most impressive but it was great to see finally some original prints and not merely books and magazines…

The last show that I wisted and I must say that really impressed me was the show of the MA students on London College of Communication – 28 stories. There was some really impressive series of images. From the top of my head I would say that I liked the most series of Valentina Schivardi that took photos of her neighbours at their  homes. It somehow relate to my concept for final mayor project. And I just loved the set of images from Brett Van Ort. On the exhibition there were 3 big prints of beautiful landscape photographs… And on the corner of the frame there was a pin, that you could remove and open (move) that landscape image and on the other side there was a photograph of the landmine on white background with some basic information. Brett was taking photos in Bosnia where are still thousands of minefields that now 15 years after the war look like harmless, beautiful landscape….

Beside the exhibition there was also a really interesting conversation on “The New Ecology of Photojournalism” by  David Campbell, Lucy Davies, Ed Kashi and Simon Norfolk. The conversation was about changing world of photographers. How the needs of the market are changing and how you have to adopt these changes if you want to stay in the game.  It was also nice to see some people from the Fotopub there… Paul Lowe, Steve Forrest, Marcia Chandra…

These days I came across 2 really cool series of photography online.

First one is by Platon. He photographed some of the most influential world leaders on the meeting of the United Nations. Really impressive achievement! Respect Plato. Although I don’t like the photos to much it is a fantastic series. Check it out herePortraits of Power. What do you think?

Another slide show about eldery music makers in the States by Jimmy Williams… I don’t want to write to much about this…just check it out.. Really cool series and fantastic music.

Also my rss feed if getting bigger and bigger since almost every day I find some cool blog that it would be nice to follow. So from now on I am going to post 2 links each time of the blogs that I really like so you can check them and see if there is something interesting for yourself.

First one this time is The Big Picture . I am in love with this blog! Big photographs of different photographic agencies, each time on different topic.

The second one is A Photo Editor. I think this is one of the most popular photographic blogs… Really interesting and educational reading!

And did you chech this link from the last blog post…? 🙂

And the photos from the uniform sale… Like you can see me and Ben had quite some fun there… 😀

I bought an uniform like that…

~ by matjazz on December 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Uniform sale frenzy, Weegee, WordPress Photo, 28 stories…”

  1. Dude, I’m impressed! I saw you at the uniform sales, that trousers, you’re mentioning, looked so awesome on you. I’m a big fan of Torture Garden, we should go there together, there’s a big event in January. I’ll be the naughty butcher and you can be the fisherman, only wearing the high boots. What do you think?

    See u around,

  2. e moj brko…:)
    …se vidmo v lj…

  3. Steve… are u that homeless guy with policeman’s hat? Since nobody else could see me in that pants… I am still a bit paranoid because the encounter with one butcher on the last TG, so it is my least favourite costume (beside the cheesy gladiators)… High boots and the NEW uniform will do next time… 😉


  4. I hope you did the right thing and bought those shields! 😉

  5. haha…of course they are already hanging above my fireplace! 😉

  6. opa, nov imidž, super 😉

  7. I loved all links and info! Well done dear
    If you want to take some pics in Brazil, you’re welcome in my home!
    Congrats again!

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