HAppy 2009..and happier 2010!

Well another year has passed. Pretty great one I have to say. But there is another one coming and I can just feel it is going to be a spectacular…2010… I wish you all the best!

And the last post in the good old 2009 is going to be about the good times in London… There were 3 great events recently that I didn’t manage to write about jet…

One of this is the best concert that I saw in London this year… Dj Shantell with his band in COCO club. Dancing, jumping, screaming, singing, till 23.00 when we all have to leave the club… Thx god there was also an amazing after party in a Turkish restaurant next door. After lasted quite a bit longer that the concert and the whole band joined. Since the half of the band is from Serbia we connected immediately so we danced (kolo) together till late…

The next cool event was UK/Slovenian Christmas meeting/Christmas carol singing/mass… Hah..I know..It sounds really funny but there were also… fantastic Slovenian vine and potica (traditional cake), so we could not resist.  Somehow we were a bit late, so we skipped a bit of singing and get to better part… Well also singing was amazing specially the part when my favorite opera singer and a friend Irena Preda sang. AMAZING. The crowd there was a bit older as on the Slovenian meetings that I attend last year but no less fun. Interesting stories, good vine and potica is amazing combo, that we even upgrade it a bit les cultural on Brick Lane in Cafe 1001, with some DnB and rum…

The last event just before I went home to Slovenia was a exhibition/performance of several artists including my dear flat mate Metka. The event was held in an old warehouse in Dalston. great show… Metka congrats one more time!

~ by matjazz on December 31, 2009.

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