A little bit of everything….

Waw… I had quite a blogging brake. I thing I needed that. Time  in Slovenia every time passes just to quickly so I really didn’t have time even to write here… But quite some new stuff happened…

I had 2 photo shoots in Slovenia…

I bought nice tilt shift lens… Not the expensive Nikon one but quite cheaper Ukrainian! Witt write about that some other time…

My geeky friends shoot with tilt shift! 😀

On the competition Picture Slovenia my photo of Ljubljanica river got the 8th place out of more than 8500 photos competing… I got a reeeeeeallllly cute compact camera for a reward. Nikon S1000. Nice wide angle AND this is a first camera with built in projector! So when you take photos or movies, you can project them on the white wall, ceiling and have a projection. Really cool feature… Mora about that also next time… 🙂

I just saw that in Serbia they  revealed another crazy statue… A statue of Johnny Depp…  If you havent read the reportage (in Slovene) that we did this summer for Mladina, you can find it here.

It is definitely an interesting reading!


New Year was just amazing… Fantastic crowd, location…everything… Could not be better…

It was a dress up party….if I forgot to mention….

I manage to go skiing only once… But at least that was amazing… Night skiing on Stari Vrh… It was snowing the whole day so the streets were full of snow… Nobody went skiing because of that so there was about 14 of us on the whole slope… + fresh snow…

And now back to London… No more fun…it is time to work…

I primal occupation for the upcoming months it is again going to be – writing a dissertation, organising shoots for major project and there is a Deutsche bank award for students that I want to take part of…

I finally saw the magazine with an ad for CPL with my photo… It looks nice…

~ by matjazz on January 14, 2010.

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