NEW heART for Haiti – photographic charity sale

NEW heART for HAITI is a project of photographer Matjaž Tančič and New moment – New Ideas Company agency. The objective of the project is to raise funds for those affected in the Haiti earthquake; all the project proceeds will go to Red Cross charity. Fashion photographer Matjaž Tančič will therefore devote his photographs, which are close to his heart, to those who at these times especially need gifts from the heart.

Also you can help the two million people of Haiti who lost their homes. Water, blankets, tents, health care… are the things that they need the most in order to establish their normal lives again.

So my dear friends and blog readers…. Click on this link  and please help! A small shock for your wallet but a HUGE help to people of Haiti!!!

Any additional questions and order on:



Special thank to all friends that helped me organize this! Love u!

Modna team – for making this photos shoot hapen!

Marja Bajželj –  Idea manager and great all over help!

Žiga Berce – web solutions!


Bojan Perko – Photo Retouching!


~ by matjazz on January 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “NEW heART for Haiti – photographic charity sale”

  1. Thumbs up! Very nice idea!

  2. After only 6 minutes the first photograph was sold!
    Special thx and regards to Križe town!

  3. Help Haiti. Very nice photo and excellent idea. Have a nice weekend.
    David Santos, Portugal

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