Gipsy wedding

Recently I came across some old photos of mine that makes me happy and excited every time so I have to share this story with you…

It was September 5 years ago when I went first time to visit my ex girlfriend in Niš, far far far south in Serbia. As a young, over inquisitive, fresh reporter for Mladina weekly newspaper there was no vacation for me abroad that I would not try to get some story that would be published in a magazine. So when I heard that in Niš there is one of the biggest gipsy settlements in the Balkans I had to go there… And my ex was sooo happy… Still remember her saying… You come here for couple of days and you rather go seeing gypsies’ than to spend quality time with me… Well if you ask me, there was enough time for everything… 🙂 So lets go and shoot some photos…. Well easier said than done as you can imagine. White punk with his camera in middle of settlement where everybody is staring in you, some smiling and some waging with fingers… Well over the couple of days coming back there, meeting some people etc. I saw quite some some interesting things. First gipsy television and radio station – RTV Nišava, went to a gipsy wedding, drank a beer with one of the biggest mobsters in the area, meet a gipsy singer/transvestite/prostitute/great and funny person Lady Gracia and I was a cause of a massive group fight… So about the fight… I was on my first day in the settlement when I was walking around that I saw a group of children playing in front of the shed and they saw me with the camera… They were running around me in a second all screaming – kume, kume ajde uslikaj mene… / mister, mister take a photo of me… After couple of photos and after they realized that they can see their image on the back of the camera the group grew bigger… And there was only a matter of time when one kid punched a smaller one, smaller ones older brother came in second and he hit other kid, and than even older brother of the second kid came and you can only guess what he has done…that was going on and on till the street was full of screaming and fighting people of all ages and I was getting smaller and smaller and smaller… But only couple of seconds later I was already in a small hut full of posters of pop singers, wild animals and waterfalls, drinking fake coca cola with young married couple and grooms parents listening an interesting stories. If I remember correctly he was about 17-18, and she was about 15 years old. The most interesting story was how he meet her and they fell in love immediately. They wanted to get married but he was to poor to pay the parents of the young bride to allow them to get married so one day he just took a car, drove all the way to Belgrade (4 hours away)  where she was from, kidnapped her and brought her to Niš where they got married the following week.

Well with local reporter I did a short story about Lady Gracia that never got published, despite it was  meant to be… But the funny thing is that I came back to this settlement 2 or 3 years latter and I found the fighting kids and gave them their photos and took some more…This time without causing a mass disorder… And of course hey ask me I a second when I will bring them the new photos… Well I sure one day.. Maybe they are going to be married by than…

And let me appeal to help the people of Haiti by donation (and a symbolic purchasing of my photograph). By now we already manage to sell more than 15 of them. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

_DSC4175 people12


And styling NO 2. for the shooting at 3.50 in the night

The family where the fight started…

The young couple that saved my ass…

The family 3 years later with their superstructure…

The hors was still alive and the guy had a better hairdo… 🙂

Tough guys! Zajebani…. (Naglas na prvi A)

Capo di Famiglia with police shirt! 😀

~ by matjazz on February 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Gipsy wedding”

  1. Nice story… I can just imagine that group fight… :))

  2. Amazing… hvala za tole Matjaz. Se vidimo zvecer

  3. Haha Ivan…yes it was funny/scary… I am sure they all went on a beer together after the fight was finished! 😀

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