Fancy dress parties – The Blitz Party and Nomads funeral…

Well in Slovenia we have pust – Carnival once (actually twice) a year, here in London we have fancy dress/ theme parties every week + Halloween. 🙂 Recently I have been on two amazing parties. First one was called The Blitz party and the theme was time during World War 2 – 1940s. I recon there was about 1000 people and I saw only one person not dressed up and well two that missed the time for 40 years since Top Gun jacket – Iceman is not the real deal… There were 2 amazing live bands playing swing, jazz, rhythm and blues… There was also couple of swing dancers there and since only me and one Japanese guy knew how to dance, and there was about 8 girls, well… I came home wet and tired as a dog. Amazing night out, that was a real time machine. And a perfect occasion to try out my new uniform from sale at Angels that I was blogging about couple of weeks ago…

Another party was a house warming party at Fabrizio and Tings new home – Nomads funeral/gipsy party. Fabrizio prepared/bought amazing food. Čevapčiči, sarma, ajvar, segedin and of course we had some rakija and Balcan – gipsy music (Magnifico, Bregovic, Kiril, various soundtracks – Black cat, white cat etc…).

Busy times right now… College, work, business plans, shootings… A lot of stuff to blog  about… Soon more…

This time only party photos…

And  the Nomads Funeral….



~ by matjazz on February 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fancy dress parties – The Blitz Party and Nomads funeral…”

  1. MAtjaž, pa ti si taprav cigo 🙂

  2. Prva slika je the best!!!

  3. very strong!! 😉

  4. khm khm… No comment, cimer… 😉

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