London Fashion Week 2010 / London Room Rent

I am afraid I don’t have much time to write something. I had two photo shoots today, tomorrow I have a dissertation tutorial on college and than another shoot and day after tomorrow a short trip to Barcelona and Valencia… So many things to blog about, but… a little less time…

But you can at least check some of the fashionistas from the LFW…

OH… I always forget to mention. I am going home for Easter so my room is available to rent out… From 20.3. to 20.4.  It is a nice double bed room with a balcony, internet connection, kitchen, washing machine, fantastic location in hip East London… More information you can get on email!

Matjaz Tancic photography 4346

Matjaz Tancic photography 4348

Matjaz Tancic photography 4347

Matjaz Tancic photography 4349

Matjaz Tancic photography 4353

Matjaz Tancic photography 4352

Matjaz Tancic photography 4350

Matjaz Tancic photography 4351

Matjaz Tancic photography 4355

Matjaz Tancic photography 4354

~ by matjazz on February 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “London Fashion Week 2010 / London Room Rent”

  1. I always thought you had a great eye for spotting the cool things. and also have the courage to take a picture of them. I like thet a lot.

  2. Thx Maria! 😉

  3. Pa kaj to je gledališka predstava? 🙂 Jz takih nisem videl v Londonu! 😛

  4. zelooo lepooo!

  5. @Ciril – Hah jaz bi lahko isto rekel, ko gledam tvoje fotke… Ne vidim vseh tvojih situacij, otrok etc… 🙂 Ocitno drugače gledamo…

    Alma thxxx!

  6. a veš, da se je ta za sekundo, tri videlo v Bleščici, ko so predstavljali London Fashion Week. 😉 in btw – tvoj foto prispevek way cooler od tistega na tv 😉

  7. Haha.. ja sej sem bil z ekipo tam… Si moram pogledat prispevek! Thx za info! 🙂

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