ShowStudio, World Press Photo, TED, Last Supper, Martin Strel…

I came across some interesting stuff recently and I want to share this with you…

Some new street fashion photos, fashion, and photos from trip to Valencia are coming soon…

My room is still available to rent out from 21.3. to 19.4.! More info on my email!!!

On the Show Studio (Online fashion and art project that I was writing about couple of times already)  web site you can watch couple of really cool video interviews with 2 photographers – Tim Walker, Solwe Sundsbo and some fashion related people….

I was really impressed by James Reynolds series Last Suppers. That is a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meal before execution. Shocking, beautifully, disturbing, interesting etc…

On TED – I really recommend you to see really funny but also highly personal talk from magician and stuntman David Blaine where he describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes!

And there is another interesting interview that I have read… Interview with Jurgen Teller on American suburb X… But like I see not it was removed?!? Anyway it was really cool, because he was answering the questions of random people from all around the world + there was some questions by famous people such as Wong Kar Wai, Nobuyoshi Araki, Nick Knight… Try to google it somehow if you are his fan…

New winners of World Press Photo were announced couple of weeks ago… Fuuuuuuuuck, some series are so amazing! To much hard work, courage, talent …



Last but not least… Uk discovered a Slovene national hero…. Nope it is no France Prešern, no it is not Janša, not even Murko…. but – Martin Strel – The big river man. A man who already swam the whole length of Danube river, the Mississippi river, the Yangtze river and now also the Amazon river. Well there is a DVD of his film out in the shops now… I saw it about one month ago and I have to say I have quite mixed feelings about it… Why…? Well check it out and tell me what you think… But still all respect to Martin, I hope at his age I am going to have so much energy and crazy ideas! 😀

And I also saw a review of his dvd in Short list mag this week…

Well here  is a nice interview with great title – Never swim on a stomach full of booze and tropical diarrhea:)  in my favorite free mag – Vice.

~ by matjazz on March 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “ShowStudio, World Press Photo, TED, Last Supper, Martin Strel…”

  1. quite like the last supper series.. sad at the same time…
    i’m doing a project related to food (as well, lol) so that just brings a whole new perspective!

  2. Yeah it is great… So beautiful, minimalistic, morbid and sustainable to the contrast of…

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