Inving Penn, Xhibit 2010, Year of a Tiger, Paolo Roversi

Well I am failing to be up to date again but… Better late than never I say…

Last week I attended the Irving Penn symposium that was held in National Portrait Gallery as a part of Penn’s exhibition there. I must say it was exceptionally educational since we had a chance to hear point of view from professionals on different fields. Art history, fashion photographer, artist, curator, business man… I have to admit that I was most excited to hear the talk of one of the best fashion photographers of our time – Paolo Roversi. He did not disappoint, he rather surprised with his easy going, humorous and humble speech. I really enjoyed the speech of our course director aswell  – Ed Barber presented the ˝evolution˝ and different approaches to portrait photography (mostly in front of a white-studio background) .

And the exhibition itself that contains more than 100 portraits by Penn from the years 1944 to 2007 was absolutely amazing! If you have a chance you have to see it! It is going to be displayed untill 6. June 2010.

I have heard that the first edition of Penn’s book Small trade is already sold out… Thx god I bought one the week it came out… 🙂


Mr. Paolo Roversi


Mr. Ed Barber


Penn’s CORNER… If you know his photographs you will know what corner means…

Another important event these days was an opening of exhibition Xhibit 2010.


The University of the Arts’ most prestigious student exhibition of the year, open to all. 8th – 25th March 2010, weekdays 10am-6pm, in the Gallery at LCC, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB.

Come and find your new favorite artist.

From over 600 entries, only 36 artists were chosen by a judging panel including Sacha Craddock and Maggie Pinhorn.

Really nice show with various different artistic pieces… I was the only one presenting the ˝artistic˝ fashion photography. Go and see…

_mat6479 _mat6488


Last but not least….

One of the best thing of London are celebrations! Every day basically there is some nations holyday, national day, new year, independence day and since there are couple of million people living here in London you can imagine there are a lot of parties… Yesterday was Irish St. Patrick day for example, not to long time ago I went to see New Zealand national day celebration with 1000s of drunk New Zealanders playing rugby in mud… Than you have huge Indian festivals, Russian, African, Turkish, Bangla… But the one that I went about 3-4 weeks ago and I enjoyed so much was the celebration of Chinese New Year – Year of a Tiger at Ting and Fabrizios place in Dalston. Fantastic food and company = great time. Well fantastic food do not apply to century eggs (eggs that are burrier raw under the ground and left there for several moths to be ready to eat as a delicates – Through the process, the yolk becomes a dark green, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavor) and beef candy that I have tried… We had also a great fun learning the calligraphy writing and with the big finally – flying the lantern… Check the video that I filmed with D90 camera and edited in Pinnacle Studio…

~ by matjazz on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Inving Penn, Xhibit 2010, Year of a Tiger, Paolo Roversi”

  1. I know his photographs, but I don’t know what Penn’s corner means? Did I miss something?
    Congratulation for the exhibit. That picture is awesome. If only uncle Google would see this picture!

  2. is Pinnacle Studio better then iMovie? I know iMovie is nothing special. Do you know iMovie?

  3. Jo jo Borut… Strange to say that u don’t know his corner, since when I first time saw it was my first association – your photo from Fabrica… Well.. He had a series (period) when he shot his portrait in a corner made out two walls in his studio… And the interesting part was how people reacted to that corner… Some people were fell/vanished inside but the other rise/stand out of it (unconsciously of course)…

    And the Pinnacle is shit… Or at least I haven’t discovered its full potential jet…

  4. AAAAAAAA kak si zavidam pa sem ljubosumna..
    Paolo Roversi ahhhh ❤
    ta clovek je tak cudovit !!!!!!!!

  5. * kak ti ; ))

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