Fun fun on the Autobahn … Trans Europe Express…

Well like many of you already know due to bloody volcano returned to London on a truck in stead of airplane. It really funny coincidence since I wanted to come with truck for the first term of my college 3 years ago and now I came to my last term of the college… The ride took us 3 days to come to London. We started in Slovenia and went through Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, France and finally Uk. It was really cool trip and 3 days passed really fast. We shared stories trucker vs. photographer and I am not sure which ones are crazier! 😀 Why did the trip took 3 days…? Driver can drive maximum 90 k/mh and they can drive max 9 hours per day. Now do the math. We met looots of Slovenian drivers, Boštjans (drivers) brother with new motorbike, looots of weirdoes, couple of prostitutes, 1 illegal emigrant,  couple of strange gay truck drivers, truck controls… MesTrans guys rocks! And 1000 times thx to Bostjan! For all the hospitality, cooking and transport.










_mat8903 _mat8912









_mat8958 Autoportrait



_mat9051 _mat9054







~ by matjazz on April 24, 2010.

16 Responses to “Fun fun on the Autobahn … Trans Europe Express…”

  1. The best! Great story and experience. Well worth of the nerves and losing mind at first stages of the volcano incident.

  2. Indeed my friend, indeed! 🙂 Will do it again… Maybe will go to Scotland with Bostjan….

  3. Evo, bravo, pa imaš reportažo za cajtnge!

  4. 3x hura za Bostjana!!!

  5. Kuuul. Tudi meni se zdi, da imaš reportažo za cajtnge… 😉

  6. Hehe, kul indeed! 🙂

  7. Hmm Vanja men se še vedno zdi da manjka vsak kaka fotka unih čudakov, prostitutk, emigranta za kaj več, ko le predstavitev poklica… Se motim..?

  8. odlično…veri kul reportaža. No vidiš…vsaka stvar je za neki dobra:).

  9. Xcellent stuff, as I predicted, yet another good photo “session” i.e. set of photographs.

    Great job, the truck driver’s – wherever he gose, he’s got his own mobile “home” with some basic comfort 🙂 …

  10. Ker vedno hočemo neki več, se ne motiš. 😉 PS – Pa da ni na zadnji fotki tist emigrant, neki sumljiv zgleda…:)))

  11. Tazadna res trga 🙂

  12. Ej res hvala vsem! Miloš, Lovas, Vanja, Jaka! Ne ne..un na zadnji ni emigrant, je pa en izmed tistih čudakov katere sem omenjal! 🙂

  13. veš kaj pa mene fascinira.. jeben*i, res ti vsi jobi dobr pristojijo! ko si rudar te Polona sploh ne spozna kot fotografa, ko si tovornjakar imaš že ufurano pozo z levo roko zuni, v uniformi si čisti marinc.. falil si poklic!!

  14. Jah Dragan…sej vem no..Sam kak poklic pa je to…? Gledališki igralec? Kostumograf? Tajni agent pod krinko? 🙂

  15. Ne! Kameleon!

  16. V bistvu bi mogu bit fotomodel 🙂

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