London Marathon

I went to see the London Marathon again last weekend and it was again AMAZING. As I was sooo proud/happy/surprised/amazed on my fellow Slovenians when 250.000!!!  people gathered together to clean Slovenia in one day (yes you can do that since the country is so small and when more than 10% of ALL POPULATION steps together)… I was also sooo proud/happy/surprised/amazed by Londoners that came to cheer for the 36.000 runners.

Such an amazing feeling – experience. There were thousands of spectators and they  have all cheered for all the runners. Runners all had shirts with their name on so people could cheered for them… Goooo Robin, gooo. You can do it Rose! Only 6 more miles Roger! Keep on going Ali! Gooooooo Batman, goooo! Waw! It was sooo cool that inspired me to do a really really long walk by the runners route. Of course I was again most fascinated by the characters running… Batman, Robin, Star Wars something, rhinos, giraffes, warriors, trains, caterpillars etc…

Ooooh and I saw Sir Richard Branson and I just missed the Princess Beatrice…

Here are some more info (copy/paste from the official website) about the marathon that might interest u!


More than 36,000 athletes took part in the 26.2-mile race to earn their marathon medals and raise money for countless charities.

The fastest cartoon character was David Ross, 42, from Sutton who, as Fred Flintstone, crossed the line in 3hrs 7mins 34secs.

Ian Young, 34, from Prestwick near Glasgow, became the fastest book character, dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

He said his wife, Fiona, 33, thought he was a “total idiot” but his kids, twins Mark and Jamie, five, thought he was “brilliant”.

Other runners included Princess Beatrice, Sir Richard Branson and a host of other celebrities such as Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, Hollyoaks actor Ricky Whittle and model Michelle Heaton.

Beatrice, 21, became the first royal to finish a marathon, coming home with her 33 other team-mates in five hours, 15 minutes and 57 seconds.

She was part of a “human caterpillar” which secured the world record for the most number of runners tied together to finish.

The elite men’s race was won by Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia in a time of 2hrs 5mins 18secs.

London Marathon21

London Marathon01

London Marathon04

London Marathon05

London Marathon06

London Marathon08

London Marathon07

London Marathon09

London Marathon11

London Marathon12

London Marathon19

London Marathon10


London Marathon13


London Marathon18

Sir Richard Branson

London Marathon15

Princess Beatrice team

London Marathon17

London Marathon16

Doping on London Marathon

London Marathon14

The tallest runner!

London Marathon20

London Marathon22

Till the next year…

~ by matjazz on April 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “London Marathon”

  1. jap, je zanimiv maraton, res. žirafa je bla še v Metroju naslednji dan. nor filing, Londončani so pa super.

  2. Awesome!! res zakon fotke 🙂

  3. hude fotke, ka pa je fora teh živali? :))

  4. Fora je, da si bolj opazen in ljudje bolj navijajo zate…:) Tist nosorog je pa del dobrodelne organizacije, ki zbida denar za pomoč nosorogom… proti izumrtju..itd itd..

    Anja thx!

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