London College of Fashion Portraits 1/4

It is just to sunny and hot outside to take any photos or to be spending time inside… So here I am posting the first set of portraits of my classmates that I took for a yearbook. A really great task. I tired to catch everyone’s personality and I think I managed to achieve this.

Watch out for there guys they might be famous soon!


Richard W. Uk


Alex B. Uk


Maria D. Poland


Doh Lee.  Korea


Luke H. Uk


Shiva A. Iran


Francesca S. Uk


Rowan C. Uk


Misato K. Japan


Pou Pou.  Macau- China


Sean C. Uk

~ by matjazz on May 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “London College of Fashion Portraits 1/4”

  1. like!

  2. I like it a lot too! I can definitelly imagine their personalities – I think I know who I would be friends with for example.

  3. hehe… With the cool guys huh? 😉
    THx to both!

  4. Great work Matjaz T from S 🙂 x x

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