London College of Fashion- Fashion photographers 3/4

London college of fashion12

Yota K. Japan

London college of fashion01

Richard W. UK

London college of fashion02

Adam W. UK

London college of fashion04

Tom P. UK

London college of fashion06

Nicola C. Hong Kong

London college of fashion08

Laura L. Uk

London college of fashion09

Duane N. United Arab Emirates

London college of fashion03

Gemma T. UK


Morwenna L.C. UK

London college of fashion07

Ruben P. Spain

London college of fashion10

Nicola S. UK

London college of fashion11

Olivia S. UK

~ by matjazz on May 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “London College of Fashion- Fashion photographers 3/4”

  1. I love the sweater of Duane! I had one like that in elementary school. And you would not believe it, I also wear it in the same way. Only now I realize I was super futuristic! I need to show this post to my wife. She was in secondary school just like Morwenna. I love her “Hello sailor” shirt with matching expression!

    Thank you guys for bringing up some of my personal teenage frustrations, that turned out to be futuristic vision of London fashion in 21st Century!
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Hahah… Good one Borut!… Also white socks and jeans that is too short is back… I guess all Slovenians were futuristic back in the day…:D

  3. hey, do you have Karin X, Singapore contact? i am from Singapore and interested to go to London College of Fashion, would love to ask her abt college from a view of a Singaporean. Could you ask her to email or give my email to her? Thanks!

  4. Hi Agnes! The best is to add her on facebook..? Karin Xiao
    All best!

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