Football Championship euphoria in London / Naked bike ride 2010

So the championship is finally here and we finally went to Slovenian pub near Victoria station… Well we could hardly say that is Slovenian since they don’t even serve Slovenian beer that is advertised even in Time out magazine.. But… Thx god that was an only big disappointment yesterday since we WOOOOOOON the Algeria 1:0. The first half of the match was truly disastrous but the second one was much better. There is a hilarious  description of the game on online Guardian that tear both teams apart…

After the match we went to park waving small Slovenian flags and had a BBQ . Couple of guys even recognized the flags and congratulates us for the victory. When I went home I put the flag in my pocket since there were just to many Algerian flags on the windows… 🙂

The day before the match I went to see traditional Naked Bike Ride in Hyde park. Really fun and nice event. Bikers were naked to express their view about environmental issues and fragility/exposure on streets of London. Next year I am on the bike…

Biggest fans! 😉

Cheering crowd with the Slovenian ambassador in the first row.

My team!


In front of the Queens house … (Photo by Andraz Blaznik)


St James Park picknick  (Photo by Andraz Blaznik)




U bet!








Small, annoying, retarded, horny, snapping vultures.



I was 1968 when I last time saw him…


Adam and Eve in the London paradise.


Ragazzo Italiano!




Pedal faster, fasteeeer I say… 🙂

~ by matjazz on June 14, 2010.

9 Responses to “Football Championship euphoria in London / Naked bike ride 2010”

  1. .. Eve is my favorite 🙂

  2. awesome! hahahahhaha

  3. Tisti čisto zadnji goli kolesar: zdaj pa vemo, kdo je pojedel vse pite (no, pies).

  4. Oh yes he did! 🙂

  5. Hahahaha 😀
    Izven svoje drževa je pripadnost še bolj pomembna, se mi zdi. Nekako smo bolj patriotski, ko nismo doma.

  6. Poor thing that girl in one of the photos in the middle :s
    I can’t believe that guy holding the Ross magazine in his hand!
    (Great shot BTW). We should prevent this next year really.

  7. Hmm.. yes you should… It was like that around every girl… And those small, hairy guys taking photos of everything and next to this girls… How desperate is that…?

  8. Dobra reportaža. Sem se nasmejal. 🙂 Oni poševnooki s slovensko zastavo pa tak zmagajo. 🙂

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