Short update… Football Championship, Belle Epoque party, Gumball 3000…

I am just in the process of packing my stuff to go in Slovenia for the summer… Sad/Happy…

So just a quick gallery of events that happened recently…

Game between Slovenia and United states were like an action movie. The Colonies pub was packed. 70% of Slovenians and 30% of Americans, all cheering like it is a game for a life or death. Well it was actually… All happy, all disappointed but on the end we were all friends and we drank Laško and Bud together.  Yes Laško was served in the pub this time which was a greeeeat surprise! I managed also to arrange with the director of Laško distribution in UK that he will donate 2 boxes of beer for our event on the class exhibition in one month. Hip hip huraaaaa for Charles!

Slovenian : American friendship. Slovene ambassador  in UK mr. Jarc with USA supporters.

On Saturday I want to a great party Le Belle Epoque with a friend/journalist Anzej Dezan. Theme party again, this time placed in the sin filled bohemian Paris in beginning of the 19th century… Absinth, Can Can dancers, circus performances, live music and interesting people. Great night out.

And for the end just couple of shots from Gumbal 3000 race that happened quite looong time ago… Nice cars, I have to say… And the only place on earth where when you see a silver Lamborghini you say… yeah yeah its is nice but nothing reaaaally special… Look at that car instead! 🙂

~ by matjazz on June 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Short update… Football Championship, Belle Epoque party, Gumball 3000…”

  1. Good photography.
    Where you taking photos at the Belle Epoque party on September 27th?
    Do you have more shots of the aerial performers?

  2. Have some..But not much…

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