Assisting: Craig David photoshoot and ID September issue with Mark Lebon

Recently I assisted to my dear friend Alexey Sorokin on a small shoot of the big R&B star Craig David. The shoot was for Glamour magazine and they did also an interview with him… I must say I was really amazed by his friendliness and how brought minded he is. He had really really smart answers also on really crappy questions, so..all respect.

On the other shoot there were a biiiiiit more work… Is was a big photoshoot of young designers for September issue of legendary ID magazine by even more legendary Mark Lebon. He had an amazing and hardworking crew of first years but somehow I ended being his first assistant. On the shoot I had 6 regular + about 6 occasional assistants but there was still about 5 hardworking people to few. We were shooting on the courtyard of the amazing Somerset house. The biggest problem we had with a huuuuge backdrop on about 10m high stands, with about 200kg of props, sandbags, stands, equipment, backdrops and some more props… That was also the first time that I was shooting on large (10×8) camera. For the ones that do not know how this baby looks like… It is a huge camera, with the old school cloth on the back that you cover your had with so you can focus and the film is almost the size of A4. You use special cassettes to load the film in and in each cassette you insert 2 films. On the shoot with a 10×8 camera you use about TWO SHOTS per motif, since the film and processing is so expensive.  Basically for the shoot with 14 different outfits we used about 35 shots! That’s it! No automatics, constant lightmetering and manual adjusting the camera etc etc… Because of wind we managed to destroyed/bend couple of stands and we were working for 12 hours without a rest…

More photos after the editorial is out…

Big boss with big stands.

Small boss (me) under the cloth focusing…

~ by matjazz on July 5, 2010.

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