Final exhibition – Capsule#2 at Richard Young Gallery

2 weeks ago we had an opening of our final exhibition. Great opportunity to see all the photographs from classmates, chat, drink Tiger beer and just have fun. I was very flattered by being mentioned as one of the best projects again. After the exhibition we wad some Thai food and we ended up in gay karaoke bar. Priceless… 😀

If you have time… Go and check the exhibition!

In 2 days I am flying back to London for the final chapter of my Fashion Photography Course – Graduation Ceremony. I can not wait to throw the square shaped hat in the air, Hollywood style…  🙂

My faw tutors… Mark Lebon and Itai Doron… Only Nikola Mijović is missing… 

~ by matjazz on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Final exhibition – Capsule#2 at Richard Young Gallery”

  1. I’ve been quietly following your blog for quite some time now and have to say I find you and your work very inspiring 🙂 – (it’s about time I spoke up!)

    Natalie M

  2. Hi Natalie! Great that you have finally spoke up, you should do this more often! 😉

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