Road trip to Wales

About 2 weeks ago I have shoot an amazing wedding on the countryside in Midlands in Uk. Me, Ben and Andraz rented a car for 3 days so after one day of working we continued our journey to Wales. Ben’s friend Joe kindly hosted us for 2 days in his apartment in Cardiff and he also showed us some amazing castles, cliffs and pubs. We had great time despite me almost killing us by driving on the wrong side of the road… I still claim that everything was under control all the time and that I didnt that only to wake everybody up with a shot of adrenalin into the vein. National park Brecon Breacons is stunning despite the rain and Cotswold’s in England as well! Highly recommended… After shooting couple of thousands photographs on the wedding we packed our digital toys and we used 95% only analogue cameras for the change. Most of the photographs are by Andraz and his Canon A1 and there are some photos of mine with Olympus Mju.

~ by matjazz on September 3, 2010.

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  2. Great!

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  4. všeč 🙂

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