3D London – Fashion Week

I just returned from London where I had amazing time… The main reason for my visit was the presentation of Beyond the valley new collection… Why? Because they asked me to make a 3D photo for them…They printed my photo on the silk and than they made a dress and a kimono. So basically you can view this dress with 3d glasses and enjoy in the 3rd dimension. Dresses came out AMAZING. You have to see them… The shop http://www.Beyondthevalley is one of London’s leading destinations for design and fashion innovation and they are also a part of the London Design Week trail right now. On Monday we had a presentation/talk in the Victoria and Albert museum, where I talked about the 3d technology and showed how to make a 3d photo with your Iphone… On Tuesday we had a great launch party at the shop with more than 500 people invited…

In this 4 day in London I managed to have also meetings for 2 solo exhibition that I am having there in the next year, I shoot some street fashion on LFW and 2 days I was also doing a photo reportage about the Savile Row. More about that amazing experience next time…

Meanwhile let me remind you one more time not to miss my exhibition in Kino Šiška on 4th of October!!!

Before out talk… Kate, Eran, Kristjana

During the talk….

A quick photo of one of the 3d dresses. Better photos coming soon!

~ by matjazz on September 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “3D London – Fashion Week”

  1. tančič, ti si norc …. u dobrem pomenu besede 🙂

  2. FTW!
    Ves kaj me zanima. Ker objektiv najveckrat uporabljas pri teh street fotkah? 🙂

  3. Ti 50mm F1.4 uporabljam vedno….

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