Angel Palka photoshoot for Siff Festival

About 2 week ago I had really exciting photo shoot for the best Slovenian flamenco guitarist Anže Palka. He and his team (The Miha Artnak & co) are preparing an exciting cultural event full of great music performers. Check more on their website – . It was a great and hilarious photo shoot wit whole bunch of different people and objects brought together. There was a magician with a bunch of white doves, old moustache guy with the crazy Lipizzaner, printed crocodile, golden guitar hanging from the ceiling,the  whole pile of grass etc… And why all this…? Come to the festival and you will get an answer.

You can see this image also on the billboards around Ljubljana…















































Kralj Palka in Obuti Lipicanec
Slovenski Ognjeni Festival SIFF 2010
18. 10. 2010, Cankarjev Dom



Idea by:
Angel Palka
the Miha Artnak

Photographers assistants: Aleš Pirec and Anže Vrabel

3D assistance: Peter Gedei (

Styling: Boris Arivukovič (Emigrant)

Makeup: Špela Veble

Ilustration:  Blaž Porenta

Set: Jurij Lozič, Tilen Sepič (ZEK/

Retouching: Bojan Perko

~ by matjazz on October 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Angel Palka photoshoot for Siff Festival”

  1. Crazy stuff!

  2. I made also his portrait. Palka is really great and patient model. With the small size of the picture I can’t see details. Where is a larger version? But it’s mainly photoshop work isn’t. Again I can’t see.

    Looks good though,

  3. The most of the photoshop were used to put the red boots on the horse. We adjusted them so horse could actualy wear them but by the time we started shooting he became just to nervous to we decided to ptotoshop them on… The rest was there…

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