Slovenski Top Model / Slovenian Next Top Model 2010

STM was one of the best photo jobs this summer… Why? Coz I meet so many really cool people, amazing crew and really nice girls. First time time was not on me to organize every single detail coz wonder woman Melinda Rebrek did everything… What a relief… This was also the first time that I had a team of setbuilders working only for me which was almost as incredible (and rear) as wet dreams. ScenArt guys did miracles…just wait and see their work also in show no 9! Do you see those cones underwater? They all had a light bulb inside that worked underwater! Oh… and this crazy guys even build a submarine that carried video camera to film the underwater scenes! 😀

I was really struggling with the concept since they told me I could do anything…To many options some tines gives u hard time…  😀 So what to do underwater, with a crew of set builders … So on the end my inspiration was Cold War time and its Futurism. Nice example of fashion of that time you can see on this video:

I wanted a futuristic environment with this colorful cones that also resemble on nuclear war heads and nice red background… + 3 Swimmers to add the surreal element…

When I enjoyed big time girls struggled quite a lot. I predicted that every 3th or 4th will have some difficulties… But it was more every 2nd… Well nobody sad it is going to be easy… I think they still hate me a bit because of this traumatic experience… 🙂

This was the first time that I shot underwater with the whole scuba gear which made everything much much easier. And the thx to the best underwater assistant of all times Oskar Marko Donatella Musić I was also shooting with top end underwater camera housing Seacam and in his sexy wetsuit 🙂 .

Of course I have to mention also amazing makeup team: Tina Cavazza, Maja Šušnjara, Nataša Zajc

Stylists: Tina curk, Maja Možic

Great assistants: Marko Ocepek, Aleš Pirec, Rok Kovačič

And Nikon guys…

I used 2 flashes underwater to fill shadows on girls faces, 2 flashes from the side of the pool and 2 more to get some light coming through the holes in the background.

So if you missed the show you can see it online here ( I am afraid it only works in Slovenia…):

Sorry for lots of scrolling down… I have no clue what is happening with this huge gaps!? Any clue anyone?

After 8 hours in the watter the only thing that warms you up is Jack.

With my fancy camera..

~ by matjazz on November 2, 2010.

11 Responses to “Slovenski Top Model / Slovenian Next Top Model 2010”

  1. Wow!Hudo k ps! Glede razmakov med fotkami, probej preklopit v HTML način v urejanju in zbriš use brejke (/br)… druga opcija je, da maš fotke preširoke. Drgač se pa na dnu posta pojavlja ena tabela, ki tudi ne sodi v post, lahko ti tut ta razmetava vse skupej… Anyway, v HTML načinu poglej kako zadeva zgleda, če pa nisi ravno poznavalec HTMLja pa primerjaj s kako objavo kjer je postavitev OK.

  2. Jeb***** tabelco… Nisem je mogu prej izbrisat…Sem jo pa v HTML-ju skinil in stvar rešena! Hvaaaalaaaaa!

    Glad u like it! Če mi nebi skinil sence/strehe nad bazenom, ker baje ni ustrezala beauty standardom bi bilo vse še 2x bolš… Aaaampak… Overall izkušnja mega!

  3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc 🙂
    zgleda hudo!

  4. Tele fotke so pa res nore!

  5. hvala za omembo

  6. elow
    jaz tudi mislim, da so vaše fotke ful goodiš. A to so vas prav povabili kot fotografa, al poznate kak prav model.

  7. Uri.. Tebe nosim v srcu…To je glavno…

    Murč..ti si vse zamešal.. Jaz sem bil model!

  8. Good going my friend! Im looking foward to seeing your shoot on the show!

  9. kolk žalostn zgledaš na zadnji slikci .. po vsem tem Jacku 🙂

  10. Premal Jacka.. Preveč tauhanja… Mrtev do konca… 🙂

  11. […] been writing about the underwater shoot for Slovenia Next Top Model quite some time ago – LINK . But here are finally also 2 photos from the second shoot that I did for that show. I wanted to […]

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