Couple of days ago I went on a concert of Adam and Siddharta. I haven’t shoot any concert for a while so I was really glad when Melinda invited me to do some concert shots for the band that I know and love for quite a long time. All together was an extraordinary, educational and really fun trip to the world of Siddharta… I meet some really amazing, scary, sexy, exciting and boring people… Perfect mix that keep you far far away from the boredom all the time. Concert was also amazing and I am glad that I saw the first one that was not sold out, since I already could not imagine how could you fit more fans inside… A big thx to Melinda & Sašo for amazing night!

~ by matjazz on November 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Siddharta”

  1. Pa zakaj nisi nč povedal. Jz pa sem ful tuhtal, da bi šel na kak koncert od Siddharte aaaahhh beeddiš

  2. Eh eh..soooorry… Kaj nisi vprašal… 🙂 … Te bom drugo leto peljal… Just u an me! ok?

  3. Okejči, sej ni tolk beeedddiš. Anyway nex time zvrcni, da se ne naumo pol spet sprenevedal. 🙂

  4. Okejč obejč pa to.. Ene par slikc je meeega .. je res super se znajdt na kakšni stvari k že dolg nisi bil, pa je vse novo in zanimivo.. super !

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