Maria Anionetta

It doesn’t matter how busy you are working, you just can not say no to an interesting project… Matej Filipcic is preparing very cool ˝talk show˝ about life of Maria Antonetta with an amazing cast. Matej called me if I would do some promo shoots for this show and magic words: huge wig from London, huge silk dress from Alan Hranitelj and ˝famous˝ Slovenians did the trick…

Each of the girls had to bring something that is either close to her or it is connected with her profession or… well.. just fun… And since we were shooting in a club there was lost of fun, laugh and Cuba Libres…

I wanted to mimic very soft natural window light so I used 2 big soft box-es from on side and I put a sheet over them, to get one big source of light, with a silver reflector from the other side to get a bit of fill….

You can read more about the show here –

Backstage photos by my great assistants: Matežv Kosterov and Anže Vrabl

~ by matjazz on November 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Maria Anionetta”

  1. Kickass stari!

  2. drugic rec pa dobis trimetersko marelo, pa mas en huge light source

  3. Zgleda kot a lot of fun!

  4. hudo! Ti izgledaš kot princ zimbabveja :). Kje si doibl to kulsko ozadje? Ogromen papir za zavijat?

  5. Jou jou..Hvala vsem…

    Ozadje je pa costume made… 3×4 m… Hud ja..

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