Colombia..first impressions

My first 14 days in Colombia are behind me and I must say it was amazing! Amazingly friendly people, amazing food, nature, everything. Bogota was cold, dirty, smoggy and rainy but the amazing host Eliana and her flatmates brought lots of smiles, sun and adventures so we had amazing times together. Fist lesions of Spanish, salsa, trying 16 new fruits from the market, trying all the local food and beers, watching Elianas football team wining etc.

After Bogota I went to San Gil, the city of adrenalin sports such as rafting, paragliding, caving, kayak, abseiling etc. I went on one day kayak class with Colombian champion. It was amaaaaazing. First learning in the pool and than the rapids up to level 3. The only bad thing was that only now 4 days later I can move again normally. No more muscle pain..jeeeej…

Now I started a road trip with my friend from Bogota, Margerita.. Well… Started is not the right word jet since our car has broken down after day one… But.. we are getting there… ­čÖé

More about my trip in Slovene on:

And some random photos…


~ by matjazz on December 11, 2010.

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