3D Modna Magazine

The new issue of the best Slovenian fashion magazine Modna is coming to your local store tomorrow! And this time is completely 3D! Last 3 days before I went on a trip were hectic since we had to do 3 photo shoots in 3D. It was really hard, but with the amazing team we did a fantastic job. In the magazine you can check the color splash beauty editorial, a love triangle in the museum and the lunch at grandmas… Also if you are not a big fan of fashion it is definitely a magazine that you want to have on your coffee table in your car or weekend house… Trust me it is something  that you just have to see, especially if u have (not) been on my exhibition in Kino Siska!

Thx to Peter Gedei, Modna team, models, Benjamin rancic, Marko Ocepek, Matevz Kosteroff and Jaka Prijatelj for all the help and patience with me!

Official photos after the magazine is out…

~ by matjazz on December 14, 2010.

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  1. Sweet, Sweet !

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