Road trip begins…

Lots of people when I mentioned that I am going to Colombia were quite surprised… Why? Is it not really dangerous there? Well the time of the drug lords and guerrillas  ruling the country is almost over… the biggest danger so far were definitely drivers on the roads… Huge buses and trucks overtaking other huge buses and trucks uphill in the curve where you can see if zou are not a Superman what is coming from the other side… Our record in the bus was that we overtake three trucks and a motorbike in such situation… After some driving on this roads I started to drive similar… But once of example I judged that is to dangerous to overtake a bus, so the truck behind me decided to overtake me and a bus in that curve on a hilly road. Not to mention that he almost hit a cow crossing the road… Well… I am still alive so I can show you some photos mainly from Bogota…

But the real trip and adventure really just started…  Indians, iguanas, deadly motorbike ride, tanks, army….

More text in Slovene, also this time on the link below…


~ by matjazz on December 16, 2010.

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