Taganga – Tayrona – Mud Vulcano – Cartagena

After the desert we went to Taganga. Tourist paradise, with nice food, hostel, some clubs. We liked diving the most. Nice corals, lots of blow fish that dont want to blow, barracudas, sea snake, one of the biggest brain corals in the world and the best was diving under the huge waves.

Soon we escaped in the Tayrona national park. One hour walk through the rain forest with the mud up to your knees and you get to the paradise beach with huge round rocks. Few tourists, beast beach I have ever been, fire files, sun… Perfect…

Mud volcano was also an interesting stop… 6×6 big crater, where you jump in you get a massage and than you just foll around like a little piggy. The volcano in more than 2000m deep but you can sing only for about 5 cm. After the bathing in volcano nice lady wash first you and than also your swimming suits. Perfect!

Last stop before 1100km long drive to Cali was Cartagena. Amaaaazingly beautiful colonial town that is also the most touristic place in the whole Colombia. We arrived just on time to see a great event with one of the best Colombian musicians, miss of Colombia, small carnival etc. A huge difference to the mud, desert, soldiers etc…

Since the internet is so bad here please check more photos on my travel blog: http://matjazztravel.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/116/



~ by matjazz on January 7, 2011.

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