Brasil time! Jericoacoara (surfers) paradise

It is hard to describe Jeri in couple of sentences… But I can tell you that I wanted to satay there for couple of nights and I ended up staying for 11 days! It is a national park full of sand dunes, sweet water lagoons, the main transport are buggies, jeeps and horses and all the streets in the city are deep sand streets so you walk all around bare foot or in your flip flops. The city is a paradise for wind, wave and kite surfers since the conditions are great the most of the year. And than you add some live music, small carts with extra cheep cocktails, great food, nice pousadas (hostels), renting the motorbike and driving around the sand dunes, great company and u get a place that u just can not leave. Here I did my kite lessons discovered an incredible new sport – wave kayak (riding a wave in a kayak)…

Had some scenes with buying an airplane ticket since they gave me the wrong one and I didnt check… So I missed the plane but I got another one the next day for free… Their airplane companies are much much friendlier than the EU ones that would never change your ticket for free…

More Jeri photos and also some new jungle photos on


~ by matjazz on January 29, 2011.

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