Belo Horizonte… Time for some Slovenian cusine, bars, art…

I will remember Belo from couple of reasons. One of the first ones is for sure to be warmly welcomed by a Slovenian Ana Salej, aunt of my friend Miha form the home town. Speaking in Slovene after a while and specially eating the home cooked Slovenian food was a real bless for me. Another important thing is BH is their club, bar scene. There are more than 14.000 bars in the town and this is the biggest bar per capita number on the world! 🙂 We visit loads of them but I think there are few left for the next time… I manage to visit a lovely city of Ouro Preto, which was the most important city during the gold rush in Brazil. Amazing history full of slavery, robbers, people looking for their fortune and people who has found it…Oscar Niemeyer is another reason to visit BH. This architect ia now 103 years old and he is by far most important Brasilian architect know by his futuristic, artistic, sculptress reinforced concrete buildings. Last but not least is the incredible Inhotim park. Park has the most diverse collection of the plants in this hemisphere and it contains 350 pieces from over 80 Brazilian and international artists from the 60’s on. Basically the best nature and contemporary art collection that you can find in Brazil. Amazingly inspirational!

For more and bigger photos go on:

~ by matjazz on February 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Belo Horizonte… Time for some Slovenian cusine, bars, art…”

  1. matjaz!
    bil si pri ani!!!!! tud mi2 sva bla pri njej.. sva z ano kuhali mangipco in mesali koktajle… pa sli antrznico.. joj, kok fajn!
    pa ouro preto.. tam k je avto parkiran, sva bla v hostlu..
    joj, kaka nostalgija me je prijela ko gledam fotke!!!!!!
    bodi lepo in cestitam za razstavo v londonu!

  2. Hehe… Valda … A se ti ni nic kolcalo? Sva debatirala o tebi z Ano! 🙂 Hvala za cestitke! Upam, da si tudi ti super! Long time no see…

  3. ja, mal se mi je pa RES kolcalo 🙂
    carsko, ful!
    ona je toooooolk fajn!
    jst sm fajn, pisem diplomo in zivim 🙂

    ko bos kej na soncni stani alp se pa res ze lahko kej vidiva 🙂

    bodi lepo***

  4. May be the best blog post I have ever seen..

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