Sao Paulo

So… One before the last travel blog and then we return to fashion. Lots of fashion.
For the start you will see some photos from Sao Paulo Fashion week where I went to see one show.

When I was about to got o SP i thought that is going to be an enormous, dirty, chaotic, dangerous, unfriendly and impersonal city… But I was surprised it was quite the opposite. I meet loads of interesting people, saw plenty of photographic exhibitions and mostly party a lot. SP night life is just to good and diverse to ignore all the great concerts, parties and events. I listened to some great electronics, jazz, soul – funk, traditional samba and I even went to my favorite Manu Chao concert!

But one of the best nights were the Vai Vai samba school rehearsal. WHAT AN ENERGY! About 90 drummers + band + hundreads of dancers from 1 to 80 all dancing and singing together in the middle of the street! These people really lives for samba and the carnival and this was the first time that I regretted that I am going to miss the big show!

Photos are from the SPWF, local flea market and of my friends.

As usual much more and bigger photos on my travel blog

~ by matjazz on February 17, 2011.

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