Last chapter of my tropical adventure…

First you can see some photos from the Vai Vai Samba school rehearsal in Sao Paulo. And just to mention, my dear friend Fernanda have just told me that they won on this years carnival in SP. So happy!

And next… Well some random shots from Florianopolis, Rio, Sao Paulo…

Lots of people are asking me if I am planing to organize a lecture about my trip.. Well the answer is yes of course, but I have just to much of material to look through, so it is going to take some time… U will be posted…

Soooo.. the Conclusion:

In exactly 3 months I have:

Visited 4 countries (USA, Colombia, Peru and Brazil)

Flew with 17 airplanes.

Tried out 23 new tropical fruits and 16 new brands of beer.

Cyceled all around NY, kayak on the rapids of 2. and 3. degree, went diving,  learn how to kite surf, tried out wawe surfing, surf kayaked, swam in the Amazon river, climb the jungle trees, drive the motocycle on the sand dunes, took a bath in mud volcano, drowe the motor boat and kayak on the Amazon river, got a tattoo, cought 6 piranhas, sleept in the jungle, swam in the ocean, swam in the river rapids, petting monkeys and kaymans, been searched 12 times for drugs and weapons, tried out all the possible traditional food from NY to south of Brazil, learned to dance salsa, samba and forro, improved my Spanish, learned the very basic of Portugese, saw about 30 incredible concerts, had three fashion photoshoots, shoot 200GB of photos and videos, drowe all around the Colombia which was definetly the most adrenalin and crazy thing.

And most important I meet most incredible people that I have to thank sinecerely for the all the hospitality, kindness, help and love!!!

So thank you one more time: Jaka,Ursula, Eliana, Margarita, Jose, Ronnie, Anders, Fernanda, Julia, Ighor, Ana, Ivan, Marcia, Simon, Luis, Gabriela, Fernanda, Eduardo, Melissa  and all their amazing friends, family, partners that I have met!!!!!

And the negative experiences you might ask……  I lost my Slovenian mobile sim card, I lost my beer belly, my credit cards were blocked 5 times, I missed one filight, once run out of petrol in middle of the sand dunes, my laptop crashed two times, 2 times almost died in carcrash, 2 days of fever and 7 days of cold, 6 rainy days (days for reading and writing blog), 328 bites of mosquitos and sand flyes, after the hard core kayak lesions walked around like a cripple for 2 days because of the muscle pain, spent tooooo much money…

My only fear all the trip was loosing my photos and also loosing cameras would be a pain in the ass, but on the end…thx god everything turned out well… No data loos, no steels and both backups working.

And what did you do this winter? 🙂

If 2011 is going to be as spectacular as the 2010 I want to make also the next winter couple of months shorter. Now is I guess time for China, Burma & India, or Africa finally.. and then Bangkok and Laos again, Argentina, Chile, China , Turkey, Albania, LA , Madrid, Lisbona, Paris, Sarajevo…not neccesaty in that particular order…

As always please check my last travel post on my travel blog, since there is much more and bigger photos then here!


~ by matjazz on March 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Last chapter of my tropical adventure…”

  1. noro super mega dbest 🙂

  2. Amazing. Long studies and travels are the new irresponsible trend. Probably, you never summarized your hedonistic contribution to this world.

  3. Thx girls! 🙂

  4. tale blog bo kriv, da bom jutri napisala odpoved in namest mesec pa pou 2,5 kruzala usepousod okrog. Hudo..matjaž, hudo. Komej čakam pir pa mir al kakrkol. 🙂

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