Slovenia Next Top Model shoot in 3D technique

I have been writing about the underwater shoot for Slovenia Next Top Model quite some time ago – LINK . But here are finally also 2 photos from the second shoot that I did for that show. I wanted to shoot in a huge white space with 2 huge white chairs and a chandelier. Jos (ScenArt)and his team did a fantastic job painting the walls of a enormous empty warehouse and making 2 chairs that were about 5 meters high. In addition to that we got 20 snakes of all colors, sizes and species to make this shoot a bit more interesting. And interesting it was! Screaming, catching snakes all around, climbing up and down the chair… To make everything even more difficult we decided to shoot everything in 3D technique and I believe we were the first to be shooting in 3D in all of the Next Top Models shows.

So dig out your 3D glasses and check the photos where you can see Tina Grebenšek and Maja Fučak (finalist and the winner of the STM).


~ by matjazz on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Slovenia Next Top Model shoot in 3D technique”

  1. love love love .. I wish I could see that someday in real on a biiiig print in front of me..

  2. kače nepotrebne…malo kazijo slikce, fotke pa dobre.

  3. Uau, to pa je scenografija!!! Zelo dobra luč! ENostavno, a odlično. Kače motijo. Pravzaprav jih sem jih opazil šele, ko sem prebral post. Bodi krut in jih zretuširaj ven. Sicer pa the best!

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