Day D aka Opening of the first 3D exhibition in China

Day started by 4 hours of interviews in one of the nicest hotels in Beijing – the Opposite house. I really admire/petty the stars that have to go through this all their life. Same questions, same stories, with some interesting exceptions of course. On the event there was about 150 print media journalists and 20 video crews, but thx god I didn’t have to talk with all of them… 🙂 I particularity remember giving the interview to a daily newspaper that has 1.750.000 copies printed every day. A number that is hard to imagine if you are coming from a country with 2 mio people in total…

The venue of the exhibition is in Sanlitun village. The centre of ˝cool˝ in Beijing. You can find there the trendiest roof top clubs, Apple store, best hotels, McQueen, Armani, Lanvin, Galliano and similar shops…

And exhibition itself would be easiest to compare to the Oscar ceremony (well just a bit smaller maybe)…

Despite the fact that I really hate this kind of ceremony I must say I had great time. There was many interesting people to talk to, producers kept briefing us about the procedure of  opening ceremony and also bottles of champagne helped quite a bit. So after meeting all the celebrities from the world of music, film, fashion and reunion with my great models we walked on the red carpet, smiling nervously, and posing to the flashing cameras… Couple of questions by the host (Mtv Asia presenter) for the crowd and media outside of the event, signing a huge digital screen displaying my photo …  A walk inside the Orange hall where the exhibition is held and soon after that we got on the round stage in middle of the venue. Thx to champagne and cool people around me, a huge crowd, hundreds of photo in video cameras were not that intimidating as I would imagine.  In the style of opening of the Olympics we (me, photographers, big boss, models) got laser pointers and that we after countdown pointed in the box on the ceiling. A blast of lasers came out of this box and the curtains decorated with led lights, that were covering the photos were raised… The exhibition was opened.

After this we enjoyed in mingling, having small video interview, had couple of music performance that were surprisingly really cool. Surprisingly? Well I really didn’t expect that I will like a Taiwanese male singer with a strange hairdoo, but he rocked…

I must say I was really impressed by the attention to the details of the organizers… The drink were all (but champagne) in cyan or red colour and so were all the cool snacks and desserts. There were plates with glasses on and you took the eyeballs out and pop them in your mouth, the glasses to watch the photos and video were looking like Venetian masks, decorated with glitter and crystals again in cyan and red. There was a special room with leather sits where you could see the 3D video experience – video that we have shot with my Place3D team.

The dress code was – premium cool. Not so sure what that is but I guess I have got it… I wanted to have something Slovenian, something from London and something from China since my photos on the show were also from this locations… Jacket was from Religion (London), shoes by Melissa (London), amazing bodysuit or how coud we call this were by Damir Rakovic, t shirt was by Joy Factory (China) and glasses were amazing special edition RayBans from LensCrafters.

I am really happy and honoured that on this exhibition were also presenting her 3D shots amazing Chinese photographer Fan Xin. She is really cool and I am really disappointed that she does not speak English that we could not communicate much. Couple of his great fashion shots represented also a photographer from Hong Kong – Paul Tsang. Really cool guys, had great time. After party was some House party with my closest crew and after of the after was a Karaoke bar… Btw.. Reaaaally do not know the lyrics of ONE by U2. Met the Chinese breath taking super model that had told me that was recently in Slovenia shooting a Diesel campaign… After that she did a campaign for Chanel in NY…

It is a funny feeling walking around Beijing and every 50 meters you can see your name and 3D glasses. The Bund magazine, one of the biggest lifestyle and fashion magazines features an interview with me and inside there are 7 3d photos of mine. 2 are double spreads that look crazy since the format of the magazine is huge! On the cover there is also a 3D photo from the show… On the last issue of the magazine was Kate and William…

Oh and to end up this Chinese adventure in style… Did I mention before that I decided to swap my London home for the Beijing for a while? More than obvious there is a strong mutual chemistry with China, soooo I have just bought a book learn Chinese in 12 weeks today… 😀

Oh… U have to see the new behind the scene video done by Ales Pirec.

Mr. Li Chen

Three 3D amigos… Paul, Fan Xin, me..

Miss Chanel

My ex boss

My new boss

~ by matjazz on June 3, 2011.

20 Responses to “Day D aka Opening of the first 3D exhibition in China”

  1. Super, cestitke.

  2. Cestitke. 🙂

  3. Always great to have sexy boss 🙂
    Fucking Awesome Matjaž ! Looks beyond crazy !!

  4. super cestitke, to pa zgelda precej megalomansko 🙂

  5. Bravo Matjaž!;)

  6. Đizs, to pa je projekt! Čestitke!

  7. Thx guys! Next time u have to come!

  8. Bravo stari… To je to! 😉

  9. Congrats! Looks amazing!!

  10. Dude, noro zgleda. Vse pohvale!!

  11. Matjaž, super, čestitke! Ride the wave! 😉 PS. če te zanima učenje kitajščine, imamo na našem oddelku na FF vsako poletje zastonjske 2-tedenske tečaje!!


  12. HVaaaalaaaa vseeem še 1x! Je bilo total ludo tole vse skupaj ja… Matic, me res zanima ja! Dej mi proooosim javi ko bo!!!!

  13. Daaaaaamn!

  14. Ej čestitke Matjaž, bravo!!

  15. Noro…čestitke…in hvala bogu za šampanjc!!! 😉

  16. Čestitke Matjaž!!

  17. Čestitam … hudooo :))

  18. B. R. A. V. O. in CESTITKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. congrats ! ; )

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