China trip No1.

Since I needed to come back to China for the opening of the exhibition I decided to extend my trip to one month to be able to travel a bit, visit my friend Fabrizio from London and also to came to have some meetings at the advertising and photo agencies and interviews for different medias. Out of the business part was most memorable my presentation at the Shooting gallery in Shanghai. Shooting gallery is one of the biggest agencies for photo and video production across Asia. Amazing building with impressive huge studio, offices, multimedia departments… Out of the traveling bit was far the best visiting the Yellow mountain region. Yellow mountain is one of the most important natural sights in China that is under Unesco protection…And with a reason. Spiky mountain tops with some pines growing from the top… It is hard to explain with words, so you will have to check the photos. The problem is only that it is so beautiful that thousands of tourists flock here every day. And groups of Chinese tourists are something special… First of all they have guides with small megaphones so they scream all over the place… They are all wearing matching red, yellow or white hats… Normally they are from some rural parts of the China where is not really common to see a big, white guy with mustage..So there is lost of staring, commenting, smiling and taking photos of me. They are also pretty loud and looove to crowd, push around to get somewhere. So when you almost start to scream you find a byway where is not even one tourist and enjoy in the pristine nature. But the most interesting part of the mountain… well were the ˝sherpas˝ people carrying good from the wally on the mountain. I have to admit, I was lazy and I took a cable car to the top. But theeeey… They carry about 60 to 90 kg on their backs for 3 hours on this steep mountain for about 12 eur per day. And all of the guys are super small, skinny pretty old but they are faster then most of the people there carrying only one bottle of water. They have a bamboo stick on their shoulders and a huge pack hanging down on each end of it. Maaan I have even seen a sherpa caring 4 Lovepro and Kata (photographic) bags on this bamboo followed by 4 tourists with Nikon D3 cameras shooting everywhere the carrier pointed with finger… I visited also a gorge surrounded by light green bamboo forest where the movie Crouching Tiger was shot. Again… lesss writing more photos… But the funniest tourist thing I did ws the ˝rafting˝ down the river. You get a small 2 person raft, paddle made of piece of wood and a plastic bowl to get the water out of the boat. This so called rafting suppose to last for hour and a half, but I finished it in 30 minutes. Water is less then wild and about 1 meter deep. First part I was paddling in this tinny river by my self and then behind the corner there was about 20 boats with Chinese tourists splashing the water all over… I was really naive to be thinking I could avid that water battle… From the first to the last boat I have meet on the river was the same… HELLOOOO… and then water pouring all over me and laughing… Of course I took care that they didnt get dry out of this battle as well, but they were all wearing plastic coats so they had a biiit more protection then myself… While we are talking about the Chinese tourists I have to mention also my visit of the Chinese pavilion in Shanghai that was build for Expo 2010. Again huge groups of domestic tourists tanned from the work on fields or construction sights, wearing matching hats… For me was really funny how they crowd and push to get anywhere… And when we were in some line and they opened the doors they all start to run like crazy to get in the hall first… And I am talking about grandmas, and middle age people here… It was almost like in Slovenia when on some event bring free food… Ruuun, grab, push… 😀 And the pavilion is amazing! Amazing in the way that is identical as the political propaganda from dont know 50 years ago but this time in HD, with let lights, projections and with dolby surround. I bet all this technology and a cinema with 3 huge screens + round one on the ceiling looks like wildest dream come true for most of the people. And the movie in this theater was amazing… Beautiful hard working men, sweating while building on construction sight, beautiful women developing the new technologies… videography same as Hero meets the Gladiator… The beautiful worker later saves a beautiful girl out of the collapsed building after the disastrous earthquake… Couple of plans later you see a closeup of hands holding together, a couple in wedding dress and a 360° camera shot…The end of the video shows some sort of Atlantida… Modern houses in the green hills, a waterfall, flock of birds fly over the skies… The green future of China… Happy end… In the next hall that shows the heroic history of China there is floor made of glass with some art effect lying under and the old lady next to me starts to walk really slow and cautious on the glass and than she balance on the metallic lines connecting the glass so she would not fall through the glass… Firs sight that I saw after coming out of the pavilion showing the bright future and the development of China was a lady helping her son to pee in middle of the high tech looking platform. Toilets are I guess the funniest part in China… Small kids they all wear pants with the factory made crack (hole) on their ass so it is convenient to pee or… anywhere… In hutongs you have public toilets everywhere since the small houses do not have them. And when you go inside you have 5 guys kneeling down next to another doing their stuff. Some reading, some chatting, some texting… Also in the toilets there is crowding and pushing… On the bus ride to Yellow mountain the bus stops and we go (some run) to the toilet..All the pisoars are full so I stand there waiting and then some guy arrive after me, push to pass me and steps directly after guys peeing. Hmm, I guess they thought I was only watching or what? The last arriving guy pees in the small sing that the cleaning lady uses to wash her cloths to clean the floor… The best part is with no doubt the food. I had horrible memories on my meal that I had on some train station in China while going from Hong Kong to Vietnam 7 years ago. If was horrible and spicy so I was quite afraid of the food here.. BUT… I still didnt have a bad meal after one month and almost every day I try something new and interesting. Tastes are so full, interesting… Well I tried out quite some interesting stuff, such as sheeps penis, shppes balls, chicken soft bone, cows veins, snake, snails, donkey etc… But there is much more things to eat that I didnt try jet… 🙂 Ok ok.. right after the food I am most impressed by the parks in the big cities. No they are not particularly beautiful but they are really lively! From the morning till the night they are full of people of all ages exercising! The most impressive for me are grandpas and grandmas that rock in ping pong, badminton, Diablo, Tai Chi, dancing, sword combat, kung fu and even hacky sack! Most of them look muck more fit then me and it would be hard to compete with them in any of their skills!

Jelly fish…



Fairy bridge

Super man

flash back

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  1. Feels Different than usual.. and makes it Beautiful..
    Love the image with workers on ladder.. 🙂

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