Art, KTV, The Venetian dinner, L Officiel magazine in China…

KTV – Karaoke. When I traveled in South East Asia I have already seen the obsession with karaokes, since there were everywhere on the local buses, garages, home living rooms, hotels… But here in China this thing looks a biiit different… You have huge buildings with marble receptions and smiling receptionists. After you pay (per hour) they take to one of the private rooms. And in a place like that you have even 100 rooms! Each one is equipped with a big flat tv, great sound system, 2 mics, a tuch screen where you are choosing your songs, some instruments to play with and of course big comfortable sofas and a table. In the lobby you have a cold/hot buffet, bar and everything you choose they bring to you in your room… Since we stayed till about 4.30 we also got lots of complementary snacks, fruits etc… In this place they have quite some English songs, but since I am not a big fan of Dizzy rascal, 50 Cent and similar guys I was more or less stuck to Elvis Presley. And the song of the night was defiantly Waka Waka by Shakira where everyone were screaming and dancing on the sofas… Fun night indeed and a great concept… Oh, and in some places you can even ˝rent˝ a nice girl that sings and drinks with you if you don’t have company…

Small details… Most the motorbikes here run on electricity. And you have electric bikes of all sizes and shapes. It is quite annoying at night since they don’t use lights and you don’t hear them comming… And when I am driving Vespa look bike from Fabrizio it feels like riding a flying carpet. So smooth and quiet.

One of the first things that I noticed in Brazil were crazy telephone booths so called Big ear that I have even use on my photo shoot. And guess what… They have same telephone booths in Beijing?! How crazy is that!?

One day I went with Afra her boyfriend Kau Soa and photographer Alferd to the party of L Officiel magazine. Party was held in a huge metal tank of some old factory in the artistic area called 798. Glamour, fancy drinks, famous singers and pretty boring program… But definitely interesting experience. And guess what… 3 days later I had a portrait photo shoot for L Officele magazine! 🙂 I shot Peter Buffett a Grammy wining composer, musician, philanthropist and a son of the 3rd richest man on the planet. Shoot lasted only 30 minutes instead one hour promised but we managed to do some nice portraits in the hutong and have a coup of green tea.

Art (areas) were the most interesting things for me in China… It is something like Brick Lane in London, meets Metelkova in Ljubljana.

The biggest and most popular is for sure 798 in Beijing. A huge industrial area filled with hundreds of galleries of all sizes and styles, small shops, restaurants… I saw a great exhibition of Peter Lindberg there some groovy Chinese pop art and looots of pre wedding shootings… Brides and grooms running around like crazy.

Quite close to this area I have found another one that is less commercial and it was full of photographic exhibitions since there was a Photographic spring festival going on. AMAZING exhibitions of Chinese, European and American photographers and gallery spaces that we could only dream of in Ljubljana. Bunch of Modern gallery size an look halls with photographic galleries. Here I also meet a Dutch sculptor that is coming here for already 8 years so we were strolling around this area talking about art, China, looking photos, drinking beer and some spicy tofu and ended up in his studio on the top of fancy gallery where we continued a discussion with another sculptor that was just finishing pieces for his upcoming show.

I have found a similar place also in Shanghai called area 50 where I have also so some great photo exhibitions and meet some interesting people from Italy, Mexico, Netherlands…

One of the nights in Shanghai Fabrizion and Ting had a diner night at their old colonial apartment.

The Venetian dinner experience called Il Nascondilio. Is the concept that 6 to 10 people every week book a dinner at their place. They cook for them traditional home made Italian food and they sit at a big dinner table all together, interacting, annoying the vine and amazing food. In comparison to a normal restaurant is here much warmer, home feeling, chatting with the people that you have never meet before and trying out new food and tastes. Since Fab has a broken hand I have helped them to cook and serve the guests. Nice people, great food, fun night. After the diner we went to listen Japanese punk in a nice underground club and continue with some hip hop and disco… Fun night indeed…


Fresh air in Shanghai

Thousands of crickets are sold at the market as pets… Buyers are listening and comparing them before they decide which one to buy…

Looks familiar?!?!?

Hutongs are disappearing fast and modern apartments are taking their space…

Fresh chicken.. From this to stakes in 4 minutes…


Tattooed piggy

Fabrizio and Ting



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