Goodlife magazine – Fashion editorial on Cerkniško jezero

New magazine Goodlife is out and we have shoot a fashion editorial on extraordinary  location of Cerkniško jezero (lake). This is at the same time the biggest and the smalles Slovenian lake… How is that possible? Read on Wiki. Fine day with great crew.

Photo: Me

Model: Alma C. Talia models

Styling: Barbara Podlogar

Makeup: Špela Veble

Hair: Tomaž Turk

Assistants: Aleš Pirec, Peter Gedei, Tjaša Janovljak

Retouching: Bojan Perko

~ by matjazz on September 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “Goodlife magazine – Fashion editorial on Cerkniško jezero”

  1. Hudo in Huda Lokacija !

  2. […] On the photoshoot for Goodlife magazine I shoot also couple of short clips that were transformed by Benjamin Rančič (funnyfarm production) into the gifs. Here is the resoult. Still shots from this shoot… […]

  3. I like a lot

  4. Gracias! I like u too!

  5. […] Goodlife magazine – Fashion editorial on Cerkniško jezero ( […]

  6. Hello Matjazz!
    One of my friends gave me a link to your blog and I spent all morning watching your photographs. I found them very fascinating and talented. Especially I liked this shoot, it’s amazing!
    Is it true that you finished London College of Fashion?

  7. Thx Sunny! I am glad u like photos! And also abot LCF is true. I have graduated last summer. All best!

    • Could you plz tell me in a couple of words how was the education there, did you like it? Is it hard to get a grant?
      I hope i’ll have a chance to study there also

    • Study was so so… Could be much much better and much worse. If you work hard it definitely pays back. I am not sure how hard is to get a grant since you normally apply for it in your home country.

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