Location scouting Summer…

When you are location scouting the best thing is to take a friend model with you… Its fun and practical… Great afternoon in Slovenias best kept secret locations… 🙂

Best pool in Slovenia…

~ by matjazz on October 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Location scouting Summer…”

  1. She is beautiful! Merry her! As Bush said to Janša, it does’t get better then this 🙂

    PS: And loose that cold, Siddharta (band) like color cast.
    PPS: Do you sell tickets for the pool? I want to buy 🙂

  2. Hehe Borut, if I would marry every gorgeous girl I shoot… Well I would be bankrupt..Happy, but bankrupt… 🙂

    Siddharta look is because of reflector in the cave, you see the colour of the lake… 😉 Blue…

    I will send u a form for a pool season ticket, you just fill it out and wire me the money… Ticket is not transferable…

  3. Prvi del fotk mi je mega. Very natural. Končno objava, ki se začuti. 😉

  4. koncno spet mal klasike…. da si odpocijmo od 3Dja mal 😉 The last 3 are really nice!

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