Siddharta concert in 3D

One of the most challenging 3D projects was shooting a concert of biggest Slovenian rock band – Siddharta. The main rule for shooting in 3D is closed aperture (f8, 11…) and the main rule to shoot concerts due to the lack of light is opened aperture (F 1.4 – 2.8), now do the math… But hey.. If it would be easy everyone would do it right…?

Photo: Peter Gedei

Extended Place3d team Peter Gedei, Samo Bešlagić, Aleš Pirec, Benjamin Rančič and myself, combined our powers and the result can be seen on Siddhartas live DVD in shops near you!

3d dream team

More 3D photos you can see and download as wallpapers from official website of Siddharta:

Last but fore sure not least, we have shot also a 3D video for a song Postavi se na mojo stran, that was shown for the first time on Siddhartas concert in Cvetličarna and seen also on TV later… Special thx to Peter Gedei for long hours of video editing!

Digg out your 3D specks!

~ by matjazz on December 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Siddharta concert in 3D”

  1. Hudo, tole morm pa vidt enkrat!

  2. […] Siddharta concert in 3D ( […]

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