A photo reportage about Dedek Mraz – Father Frost

Slovenians are not big fans of Santa. We have our own guy – Dedek Mraz and we all have great memories from our childhood on this guy bringing us gifts. Dedek Mraz was -invented- in 1940s by Central Communist Committee of Slovenia. His appearance in long coat, a hat made of a dormouse fur a big walking stick and white beard was created by a Slovenian artist Maksim Gaspari… I bet you didn’t know that did u? Well last couple of days I have spent wit couple of legendary Slovenian – Dedek Mraz doing a photo reportage for weekly magazine Mladina.
Me and the journalist Vanja Pirc have visited mr. Drago in Velenje who is Dedek Mraz already for 47 years, father and son-Rastko and Aljaž in Kranj and Robert in Ljubljana.
Well if you have some little kids running around your computer now is the perfect time to send them away to save them some disappointment …

For more interesting facts and stories go buy and read Mladina!

Drago (in the middle) with 2 colleagues Dedek Mraz in civil clothes.

Maksim Gasparis drawing of Dedek Mraz.

In Velenje coal mine with Dedek Mraz

Aljaž in Rastko Tepina getting ready.

Robert in Mini Theatre.

Trenirka is a must…

~ by matjazz on December 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “A photo reportage about Dedek Mraz – Father Frost”

  1. There is always something magic about Father Frost. I hear Siri has made ‘his eve’ a lot easier.

  2. najbolš! 😀

  3. Thx guys!

  4. Superkul!

  5. Hehe super! všeč mi je Dedek Mraz na Jabki ! 🙂

  6. dejansko deluje kot “služba” in ne kot neka božična osladnost. Super mi je!

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