Slovenia Press Photography Award 2012

This year I told to myself that I have to submit something to this competition. And I did… Some photojournalism and an art project that I have shoot in collaboration with my friend Janja Rudolf. Janja came to me with an interesting concept in mind and one week later we packed our stuff and headed into the wild… Thx to the great team (Rosanna Ro, Špela Savs and of course Janja Rudolf), concept, nature we ended up with this photos that were selected as the best ones in the category of Nature and Environment on this years competition.

Yo can check the rest of the winning photographs from the SPPA 2012 on their website. Congrats one more time also to Matej Leskovšek for his hard work organizing this event that is getting better and better every year.


~ by matjazz on March 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “Slovenia Press Photography Award 2012”

  1. One of the best series from you that I have ever seen. Keep on!

  2. Thx Ciril I really appreciate that!

  3. fantastic

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