Koda 386 – Photo and cinematographs

When it was still cold outside and it got dark at 15.30 we went on a trip. We returned tired because of doing quite some sports, photographs and cinematographs. The main goal of out trip was still to shoot a new collection of Sanja Grcić that is available in the brand new shop called Koda 386 on Tavčarjeva 4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Close Design and styling: Sanja Grcić (Firma)

Cinematographs: Benjamin Rančić (FunnyFarmMedia)

Makeup: Mateja Pozeb (AlterEgo)

Model: Tadeja Ogrizek (MG)

Assistent: Rok Tržan (Himself)

Special thx to Turistično društvo Podčetrtek for amazing kindness and help.

~ by matjazz on March 26, 2012.

One Response to “Koda 386 – Photo and cinematographs”

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